Need for better internet connections drives Ditch Witch’s goals of expanding underground construction workforce

There is an increase in fiber installation as carriers scramble to bring fiber optic cable connections directly to homes where internet users want the speed fiber brings for instant internet connections and the sharp, bright, high-definition images to their television screens.

This need for quicker data delivery is going to keep demand for these projects steady.

A recent FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) Council survey reports that by late 2015, more than 12.3 million U.S. homes were connected directly to fiber and that 26 million have been “passed” by fiber.

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More homes are connected every day, but the fiber expansion goes beyond the homes.

For businesses, government facilities, and educational institutions, fiber connectivity is not a convenience — it’s a necessity. Corporate fiber connections are well ahead of FTTH, and fiber deployments are continuously being extended to facilities and linking multi-building complexes. In addition to communications and data, fiber is being incorporated into the structured wiring of buildings.

Underground construction professionals are critical in the growth of fiber connectivity. Industry experts say there already is a shortage of labor in the fiber market. Putting more crews in the field means more equipment and support is needed.

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Ditch Witch is the single source for every underground fiber construction need.

We are training new crew members now at Ditch Witch dealerships and customer locations throughout the country, and we offer the most complete line of equipment needed to install long-haul fiber, backbone, fiber to the home, and more. From directional drilling to micro-trenching, we have effective, efficient solutions for installing fiber for a variety of applications both residential and commercial.

Whatever the need, Ditch Witch has it covered. “We’re in this together with our customers,” all the way, every day.

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