The Crusher from StraightLine HDD is the ideal solution for tough rock bores where hole diameters are too small for a hole opener. It has a one-piece, solid body and shaft design, and is ground condition configurable. For hard rock conditions — up to 25,000 psi — a short-bodied radius carbide button design is preferred. A chisel-top carbide button design is ideal for softer rock formations. Carbide buttons are placed on independent cutting paths to ensure maximum hole engagement. Replaceable fluid ports deliver fluids exactly where needed to ensure smooth cutting action. Its tapered solid-body design transitions into full diameter in the back of the tool, which stabilizes the tool and promotes cutting control. At home in harsh conditions, such as hardpan, cobble and solid rock, it is available in diameters from 4 to 10 inches. 800/654-3484;

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