The DD-6 6-inch high-volume double-diaphragm dewatering pump from Myers Seth Pump has a HATZ 1D81Z 10 hp air-cooled diesel engine enabling 80 to 90 max cfm, along with high head pressure and 3/8-inch steel construction to make it reliable and durable. It can pump 600 gpm, deliver 28 feet of vertical lift, and move 4 1/4-inch solids. It can also run 24 hours on 6 to 7 gallons of diesel fuel, and with its 71-gallon tank it can run continuously for up to 12 days, and can even run dry indefinitely. Its custom-designed Enduro diaphragm helps improve durability, efficiency and production. It combines the capabilities of a 4-inch double-diaphragm pump, a 6-inch piston pump, a 6-inch auto prime centrifugal pump and an 8-inch rotary lobe pump into one machine. 904/389-6114;

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