In an industry of ever-changing technology and constantly upgraded equipment, most excavation contractors can probably agree that simplicity is an increasingly valuable commodity.

Enter Mud Technology’s Raptor Series mud-mixing and cleaning systems. The portable units have a smaller footprint for maneuverability where larger solids control equipment can’t fit.

“The Raptor Series (990, 1200 and 1400) is Mud Technology International’s base model lineup of smaller-sized solids control equipment solutions,” says Beth Miller, vice president of Mud Technology. “Fully self-contained, closed-loop systems that mix, clean and separate liquids from solids, and recycle fluids.”

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The standard unit includes two 15 hp premium-efficiency electric centrifugal pumps — one pressure feeds the mud hopper and performs a “supercharge” function, the other pressure feeds five 5-inch hydrocyclones with 20-micron cut points.

“RST Series may have a smaller footprint than their MCT Series ‘big brothers,’ but they have larger appetites, rated from 240 to 320 gpm, with a maximum cleaning capacity of 400 gpm,” Miller says.

It contains six interchangeable pretensioned screens for fine-tuning solids control and separation.

The shaker can be adjusted on the fly, up to 5 degrees or minus 3 degrees, due to special AWD (adjustable while drilling) shaker legs.

“Long before Mud Technology International RS Raptors were officially ‘born,’ our team had already embraced the challenge of developing a base model that was easy to use, economical and eco-friendly,” Miller says. “Great equipment just without the ‘bells and whistles.’”

Mounted on tandem axles with electric brakes, pintle hitch and four-point jacks, the RST Series has an onboard 30 kW diesel generator with safety shutdowns and IEC-rated main electrical box. It is built entirely of steel, with a two-section tank split equally for clean and dirty volume with tool-free clean-outs.

“We recognized the growing need for a line of smaller solids control equipment solutions/recyclers while keeping key features our customers have come to expect from the larger MCT Series,” Miller says.

In the middle of the range is the RST 1200, which comes in at a footprint of approximately 17 by 8.5 by 10.5 feet, and weighs just 12,000 pounds.

“The RS Raptor Series speaks for itself,” Miller says. “Just look closely at the build; we did not cut any corners on strength and integrity of our equipment, built with pride in the U.S.”

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