There’s plenty of fiber optic opportunity for contractors throughout Texas, according to this video from Ditch Witch. Several contractors working in Texas say they’ve seen their business increase as more and more fiber optic lines come in.

“The fiber explosion has created a lot of jobs with the oilfields being down a little bit,” says Ivan Martin of MasTec. “A lot of people were looking for work. We’ve been able to put people to work.”

Alex Lutton, another employee with MasTec says the company in Texas is now staffed at about 100 people. Before the fiber explosion, as he calls it, took off, they had a staff of 20.

“The work varies from day to day here,” Martin says in the video. “I have a crew here doing a highway crossing and I have several other crews working in the neighborhoods doing the AF part of the fibers so it can be distributed to the houses.”

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