Stop leaks. Stabilize soil. Control groundwater. Don Rigby of Avanti International tells you what Avanti does better than any other grouting solution company. Plus, you’ll learn how Avanti values education and implements learning into its service organization.

“We solve infiltration with chemical grout,” Rigby says. “We are a compliment to all the other trenchless technologies.”

As the industry’s only full service grout provider, Avanti supplies acrylamide, acrylic, acrylate, hydrophilic and hydrophobic grouts, microfine and ultrafine cements, and the technical expertise that comes with being the most experienced grout supplier in the U.S.

“Education is the way we do business,” Rigby says. “We teach what we know and we let people decide if it’s the right thing for them.”

Avanti continues to research, develop and perfect new sustainable solutions to restore aging infrastructure and control groundwater.

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