Paul Hajzus of RODDIE Inc. shows you why the compact Basement Buddy offers next-level directional drilling. Tune in to see how this one-of-a-kind drill can hold its own alongside big rigs. Plus, learn about all its features and benefits to help you streamline residential water service replacement. 

Designed for the replacement of underground water service pipes from home or home basements to city meter pit or curb stop, the Basement Buddy has a push-and-pull force of 6,000 pounds, a drill range of 300 feet and includes 1-meter drill rods.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind product that’s designed to replace residential water services and it’s a simple process,” Hajzus says. “You have the same capability as the big rigs in a compact package.”

The system slides apart into two pieces weighing less than 100 pounds each and is easily transported into the basement or an outside excavated pit. Working as a directional drill, navigating up, down left and right, the new water service will be installed accurately every time.

Other applications such as gas lines, electrical conduit, irrigation pipes and more can be done with this cutting-edge device.

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