Tune in as MaxLiner partners with TRIC Tools to demonstrate their world-renowned relining and pipe bursting systems. Plus, you’ll get a hands-on look at what you can expect from the pipeline rehabilitation and bursting system collaboration.

Gregg Abbott of TRIC Tools and John Williams of MaxLiner explain the companies’ strategic alliance.

“We realized several years ago that most of our customers have both a lining and a pipe bursting system, and there was a need for both of them in different applications, so we formed a strategic alliance to promote both of our products together,” Abbott says. 

The MaxLiner System is small enough to fit into your existing service vehicles and needs just two or three workers to get the job done. The highly portable system lets you install more than one job per day, and its lightweight design lets you quickly and easily use it for not only traditional in-ground laterals but in vertical applications on rooftops, in basements, swimming pools, skyscrapers and more.

The TRIC method is the gold standard for trenchless lateral replacement across America. The TRIC formula — tools that are simple, modular, compact and adaptable — has since been applied to other utilities, including larger pipes of various materials, in commercial and municipal projects around the world.

When you choose TRIC equipment, you’re getting more than just hardware. You are investing in decades of innovation and field-tested solutions, coupled with an ongoing commitment to product improvement and customer satisfaction.

For more information, visit  www.maxlinerusa.com and  www.trictools.com.