Selecting a nozzle can be one of the most critical aspects to a hydroexcavation job and there are several factors a contractor or operator should look at before starting a job.

In this video from Ditch Witch, Chris Thompson explains the importance of selecting the proper nozzle and walks you through procedures for exposing utilities with a vacuum hydroexcavator.

“Many variables must be considered when using a vacuum excavator to expose underground utilities,” Thompson says in the video. “These include nozzle selection, water pressure, water temperature, distance from utility, duration of exposure and type or age of utility.”

He goes on to say that not all nozzles are equal and not every nozzle can be used for every application. For example, fan nozzles should never be used near underground utilities because they can damage them. Instead, contractors should use rotatory or spinning-type nozzles, which are effective for excavating, but not harmful to utilities.

Thompson also suggested that contractors keep the lances moving and never keep it motionless because the cutting action won’t work as well.