Make the Most of Social Media at the WWETT Show

Facebook and Twitter are quick, easy ways to promote your business during this year's show.
Make the Most of Social Media at the WWETT Show
Attending the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show gives you a great opportunity to make the most of social media.

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Social media are here to stay. By now I’m sure you have a company website, probably a Facebook page and maybe even a Twitter handle for your business.

All these media are a simple and cost-effective way to promote your business, and attending the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show gives you a great opportunity to make the most of those outlets.

Your customers may not understand our trade show or even the importance of what you do. But they will appreciate the fact that you take the time to attend the show and take advantage of the many ways to expand your education and your equipment inventory.

Mention the WWETT Show and you might hear crickets. But talk about spending a few days taking classes and checking out the newest innovative equipment in order to better serve them and customers will be more willing to listen. It shows your business in a positive light: You’re financially stable enough to attend, and maybe take a few employees, and you care enough about your work and your customers to keep on improving your service. That’s something to brag about.

You can start promoting your wise decision to attend the WWETT Show in the days leading up to it. Send out some tweets using the trade show hashtag (#WWETTShow) and follow @WWETTShow for tweets you can share. Following other people tweeting about the show is an easy way to network within the industry, too. Follow @DigDifferent for more posts you can re-tweet long after the show is over. 

The same is true for Facebook posting. Follow the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show on Facebook, and share posts. Let your customers know that you’ll be attending and why. There is also a page for Dig Different which will post items daily that you can share on your own page. 

After the show is a great time to update that blog on your website that may be feeling a little neglected. Write up a couple blog entries discussing what you learned at the show. Maybe you knocked out some or all of your continuing education credits during Education Day. Or write about a class you took that sparked an idea for a service you’ve decided to add. Maybe you bought a new vacuum pump or even a new truck and want to show off how it will make your business more efficient. Let your customers know!

Share links to your blog on Twitter and Facebook and you just expanded exposure for your company. Both those sites are an easy way to stay in touch with people you meet at the show also, both exhibitors and colleagues. 

So keep up with that social media. It’s an easy way to promote your business and keep in touch with both customers and other industry professionals. And don’t forget to brag a little about attending the WWETT Show!


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