Add revenue with downhole tooling

Add revenue with downhole tooling

Small-hole tools from Tellus Underground Technology

Pipeline and utility companies are now, more than ever, looking for contractors that have the capability and expertise to do more than simply excavate to install or expose underground infrastructure. The ability to make repairs and perform maintenance without tearing up large swaths of infrastructure is the ideal solution but can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, tools are available to perform those tasks.

In recent years a construction technique known as keyhole technology has evolved from the combined development of vacuum excavation, pavement coring and custom downhole tooling development. The small-hole tools manufactured by Tellus Underground Technology are specially engineered, long-handle devices designed to give utility professionals an ability to perform maintenance and repair tasks without the high cost and safety risks that are inherent in traditional open-trench methods. Similar to the process of microsurgery on the human body, these tools facilitate standard maintenance and repair processes on underground utility lines using less invasive methods than the conventional techniques employed in large excavations.

“Our product lines include power tools such as long-handle saws, grinders, drills, and ratchets, as well as hundreds of specialized hand tools and pressure chambers designed for working on live underground distribution systems,” says Frank Russo, president of Tellus Underground Technology. “These keyhole tools have evolved from industry knowledge and tooling designs that provide the capability to perform tasks a few feet below ground while standing above the excavation.”  

Keyhole technology provides the contractor with an opportunity to expand the services they can offer to their customers, thus expanding their business opportunities with existing customers.

“Doing more business with the customers you already have is always the fastest and easiest way to expand a business and is definitely more profitable than prospecting for new customers,” Russo says. “Keyhole processes such as leak repairs, service cutoffs, corrosion control and service renewal have historically been an important type of product offered to the pipeline and utilities companies by the largest contracting firms. But using our tools, any contractor has the ability to offer keyhole technology.” 

The tooling products are supported with specific operating procedures, and Tellus Underground Technology provides all standard maintenance and repair procedures necessary to keep the tools in operation.



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