Horizontal Directional Drilling and Boring

Horizontal Directional Drilling and Boring

Trenchless pipe replacement a solution for residential customer

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Carbide-tipped blade a fit for rocky California soil

Problem: Kerne America Construction, based in Kern County, California, had been working in rocky ground conditions for the several months. They have come across a mix of everything from shale to hardpan, and even gravel. The variance in ground condition didn’t warrant spending the extra money on a rock bit, and they didn’t know what they would run into 200 feet down the hole. They had been burning through their standard OEM blades every 200 to 300 feet.

Solution: Melfred Borzall had been field-testing its Red Diamond Blade for quite a while but saw this opportunity with Kerne America as a chance to test a lot of variables. The blade is made exactly for situations such as this with its 100 percent carbide coverage around all edges of the blade. The diamond-shaped carbide used had been successfully tested to withstand wear in hard ground conditions since there is no clearance between carbides.

RESULT: The blade not only held up to the unforgiving and unpredictable California soil, but it ran longer than anyone expected in the ground conditions. Eric Hill from Kerne America claims to be running over 20,000 feet on the blade and in his words, “The darn thing still looks new!” The company’s blade purchase volume decreased and production and speed increased. 805-739-0118; www.melfredborzall.com

Reamer and bits provide smoother operation, less wear on equipment 

Problem: Rock Drill Solutions, based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky, needed tools to complete their rock bores more quickly and more reliably than tools with moving parts. “All rock is hard; some rock is just more difficult to drill than others,” says Craig Shaw, owner. 

Solution: Infinity Tool provided HDD PDC Pilot bits and a PDC Reamer. Benefits include no moving parts to be lost in the hole and smooth operation of the tool, so less fatigue on the rotary head and machine. PDC tools can be used with drilling mud, water or high-pressure air and water. They offer fast rates of penetration, so keeping the bore clean needs extra attention. 

RESULT: The pilot hole drilled with the 6 1/2-inch HDD PDC bit drilled smooth and two times faster in the limestone formation than the bit they used in the previous hole. Rock Drill Solutions then put on the 18-inch PDC pull reamer and reamed the pilot hole in one pass. Drilling two to three feet per minute, Shaw was impressed with the speed of drilling, how smooth both tools ran and how the tools came out looking nearly new. “These tools will help the company grow and, with how quickly they drill, save time and money,” Shaw says. “This allows us to drill more footage in a week with the same amount of manpower and fuel costs.” 888-838-6657; www.infinitytoolmfg.com

Trenchless pipe replacement a solution for residential customer

Problem: A residential customer in Memphis, Tennessee, was experiencing slow drains. Upon investigating the situation, the plumbers found extensive root infiltration in the home’s main sewer line. They also discovered that the house had an old clay pipe that was collapsing and needed total replacement. Due to the condition of the pipe, relining was not an option. There were also several large, mature trees in the front of the home, coupled with a large landscaped berm forming a natural water barrier. Traditional approaches to trenching and replacing the sewer pipe were not possible.

Solution: The Spartan Tool UnderTaker trenchless pipe replacement tool flawlessly pulled the new pipe through the old clay pipe — something that would have been nearly impossible without the proper equipment. In less than three hours, over 90 feet of failing clay sewer main was replaced with a new 4-inch HDPE pipe.

RESULT: The tool helped the homeowner avoid thousands of dollars in landscaping repairs. Even more impressive, the home’s occupants continued to use their sinks, showers, and bathroom as the plumbing techs performed repairs. 800-435-3866; www.spartantool.com 


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