Roll-Off Trailer Enables Pumpers to Haul Containers With Fleet Trucks

Roll-Off Trailer Enables Pumpers to Haul Containers With Fleet Trucks
The Super Mini roll-off trailer from Benlee

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The Super Mini roll-off trailer from Benlee is designed to carry 24-foot-long containers – 20-, 30-, 40- or tall 50-yard boxes – while offering greater maneuverability and carrying capacity than a roll-off truck.

The 25-foot-11-inch roll-off trailer is available in various models for use in the United States and Canada. It has a tare weight of approximately 12,000 pounds and can carry up to 44,980 pounds legal payload.

“A lot of the pumper guys have tractors and pull tanker trailers or other types of trailers that they already have in their fleet,” says Jim Reeves, marketing/sales manager with Benlee. So instead of having to purchase a more expensive dedicated roll-off truck, contractors could buy a Super Mini trailer and use existing semi tractors to haul both roll-off boxes and other equipment, he explains.

The Super Mini features 3,000 psi hydraulic hose and heavy-wall, 1-inch chromium trivalent-plated hydraulic corrosion-resistant tubing, 102-inch-wide standard axles for greater stability and 75,000-pound lifting cylinders.

Other features include the rear stinger tail with 60-degree dump angle for easier off-loading of sludge-type materials, 50,000-pound minimum yield upper tube frame, 80,000-pound minimum yield fabricated wide flange lower frame, 25,000-pound per axle spring suspension with synthetic grease bearings, LED lights, 10-bolt hub piloted steel wheels, 11R by 22.5 steel-belted, 16-ply tires, Holland landing gear for lighter weight, spring-loaded brake control, container hold-down straps, hooks and winches.

Reeves says the concept for the trailer came from a customer in the Midwest. “They came to us and said they really liked the roll-off truck we built for them and they liked the 40-foot roll-off trailer we built, but they … wanted us to build a short, heavy-duty roll-off trailer. So we took the customer’s idea and incorporated it into the bigger trailers we were already building. We made it so it would accommodate the most common boxes in the industry.”

In production since 2006, the steel fabricated trailer is primed and painted with industrial enamel. Options include tarping system, aluminum fenders, deadlift, work lights, toolbox, inside cab control, auto grease system, disc brakes, air-ride suspension and auto inflate system. 734/722-8100;


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