MB Crusher Trommel-screening Attachments

Screen material with one excavator or loader with seven available attachments

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MB Crusher Trommel-screening Attachments

MB Crusher manufactures a line of seven trommel-screening attachment models for excavators and loaders, regardless of brand. Screen material with one excavator or loader. The product line begins with the smallest loader-screening attachment, the MB-LS140, designed for skid loaders weighing more than 5,800 pounds and has a load capacity of 0.5 cubic yards, to the largest excavator screening attachment, the MB-S23, designed for excavators weighing more than 77,200 pounds and has a load capacity of 5.6 cubic yards. They are designed to screen natural material, such as quarry residue, dry soil, and river stone, to be reused at the job site. The innovative attachments give contractors a versatile tool to navigate through narrow spaces and manage on-site processing, ultimately reducing the time it takes to complete a job and create immediate fill and base material. 855-622-7874; www.mbamerica.com.


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