We Applaud Your Work on the Front Lines of the Pandemic

We have always known you’re essential, and we are thankful and supportive as you continue your work during this uncertain time

We Applaud Your Work on the Front Lines of the Pandemic

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In its response to the coronavirus pandemic, the federal government earlier this month identified you as essential critical infrastructure workers. At COLE Publishing, we’ve always known you’re essential. That’s why we’re here. 

Since this company was founded in 1979, we have been shining a light on the water and wastewater industries, showing the recognition and appreciation that such work deserves.

Your services focus may involve the water and wastewater sectors. Even if it doesn’t, in its overview of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, the Department of Homeland Security has several categories that could apply to your specific areas of expertise: Public Health, Public Safety, First Responders, Transportation, Logistics, Public Works and Hazardous Materials. 

No matter what kind of infrastructure encompasses the majority of your workload, your work is a commitment that goes way beyond the standard workday. You’re not just earning a paycheck; you’re taking care of your community. We take it for granted until suddenly there’s a problem, and that’s where you step in. We act inconvenienced, but only because we’re used to such incredible convenience. 

A lot of people were taking a lot of things for granted before this pandemic began shutting down our normal lives. And then suddenly hand sanitizer vanished from shelves. Then toilet paper. Imagine if instead of people suddenly deciding they needed every roll of toilet paper they could get their hands on, this pandemic compromised our water supplies and people fought for every bottle of water they could find. But that’s not how it played out. Our water is an example of the type of public infrastructure that is safe; anyone blocking access to the toilet paper aisle is in grave danger.

Our systems are still working as they should, because you’re still on the job. You still won’t get the appreciation you deserve in most cases, but that’s absolutely not the case here. We, the entire staff at COLE Publishing, know your role is just as important as any doctor, police officer or elected official. You are unsung heroes, and we are here to say Thank You.  

Here is the complete memorandum and infrastructure guidance document released by the federal government:


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