Trucks So Cheap it Seems Too Good to be True? It Probably Is.

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Trucks So Cheap it Seems Too Good to be True? It Probably Is.

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Hydro and vacuum excavation as a means of utility locating is becoming increasingly popular with contractors, as this method of digging is fast, accurate and safe. As a result, many contractors are shopping around for the perfect truck; however, hydrovac and airvac trucks can be costly to acquire, acting as a barrier to entry into this rapidly expanding market. Due to this, contractors are looking for cheaper, pre-owned models, which comes with a slew of questions and concerns. Online sales forums with private sellers are a mix of great deals, shady people and outright scams. You can find good prices on used equipment and products, but it is a “buyer beware” situation. This is even truer when it comes to hydro and air excavation machines. In a world where the bottom dollar is the only dollar that matters, it makes sense that people would turn to these online sites to save some money.

However, compare the investment of a used machine to the money being invested into the projects you work on. There is a lot of money to be made in utility contracting and the equipment used to successfully complete a project is probably not the best or safest place to save money. When equipment fails, you could be stuck with large costs due, not only to repair your equipment but to correct the problem your equipment created. More importantly, people can be injured or worse when excavation equipment fails. 

There are honest online sellers who will give you accurate information about the equipment; however, there are people who will not. When the equipment breaks, the previous owner is not responsible or obligated to do anything, so what do you do? As a result, budget at least $10,000 to $15,000 just to account for repairs when buying an old unit online; you might not be told that the water pump needs to be rebuilt or that the vacuum system is shot, but it is easily a reality you may experience. 

When it comes to used equipment, you need to be a smart consumer and protect yourself. Buying from a private person is not the only way to obtain the equipment you need for your business. Legitimate dealerships exist that will not only service and support the used equipment they sell, but also help you get the financing you require.

Rock Equipment Sales & Rentals is a top dealership of pre-owned equipment that works with nationally recognized financial institutions to provide necessary financing solutions for its customers. Rock Equipment’s certified service technicians thoroughly inspect and test all equipment prior to listing it for sale and provide accurate information about the condition and functionality of all equipment. Rental equipment is also available, should you need support for a short-term project. You can choose from a traditional rental program, a fleet renewal program, a rent-to-purchase program, and an equipment leasing program.

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