VZ Environmental Increases Efficiency with Vac-Tron Vacuum Excavators

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VZ Environmental is an innovative leader in secondary drip and spill containment for the oil and gas industry. Carol Van Zandt, owner of VZ Environmental, was challenged by a customer to find a simple method to contain liquid spills in the oil and gas industry. Van Zandt partnered with an equipment supplier to design a drive-over bermed foam containment membrane (VMatz) to capture and dispose of drips and spills on oil and gas sites. Then a Vac-Tron vacuum excavator is utilized to clean up the spill from the containment membrane for proper disposal.

Today, VZ Environmental provides equipment nationwide, servicing areas in five states, and has plans for further domestic and international expansion to continue to help oil and gas operators minimize their impact on the environment.

VMatz are spill containments that VZ provides for oil and gas operators to minimize their impact on the environment. “Our customers use the VMatz to catch drips and spills while on location and then we come in to clean up,” Van Zandt says. VZ wanted to provide its own vacuum service to its customers as part of the cleanup process, so that the customer didn’t have to waste time and money calling out for a vacuum truck company and employees didn’t have to sit on location and wait for the vacuum truck to arrive before they could clean up.

The Vac-Tron vacuum trailer was the perfect solution for vacuum service and cleanup. “The Vac-Tron trailer helps us clean up our VMatz by removing the fluid from our containments more efficiently and a lot faster. We are not sitting on location waiting on vacuum trucks to arrive. 

“Prior to having Vac-Tron vacuum trailers in our fleet of equipment, we did not offer any type of vacuum service. Our customers had to order a vacuum truck to come help us remove the fluid when we were cleaning our VMatz. Our Vac-Tron units come with 500-gallon debris tanks and 1,000 cfm which helps us pick up the rocks and sludge that our customers leave in our containments. This is a perfect size because its small and they can park it off to the side, then call upon it as needed,” Van Zandt says.


  • Saves customers time and money
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Keeps environment safer

“With a Vac-Tron trailer, we can save our customers money through minimizing the number of trips that they have to call out a vacuum truck. Our machines, every time you turn them on, are rip-roaring to go. Our employees don’t have time to go through and try to figure out things, they want to flip it on and use it immediately and they want it to work. Vac-Tron does that for us every time,” Van Zandt says.

Check out the full video interview with VZ Environmental here. For more information on Vac-Tron Equipment and its full fleet of vacuum excavators, please visit www.vactron.com or call 352-728-2222. 


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