The Story of Vac-Tron Equipment

Vac-Tron Equipment is an innovative leader and one of the largest producers of industrial vacuum equipment and vacuum excavation equipment

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In 1997, Vac-Tron Equipment was created and took the environmental clean-up market by storm.

Today Vac-Tron Equipment is an innovative leader in the industry and one of the largest producers of industrial vacuum and vacuum excavation equipment. Vac-Tron, which has more than 30 industrial vacuum products and more than 50 wet and dry uses, has 115 dealer locations in North America.

Vac-Tron manufactures a full line of industrial vacuums, potholing, daylighting, hydroexcavation, and air excavation equipment. Vac-Tron’s equipment can also be used for directional drill slurry removal; power pole setting; manhole, culvert, lateral and storm drain clean-outs; lift station, industrial and wastewater cleanup; and  oil spill clean-up, as well as other natural disaster clean-up applications.

Vac-Tron’s line of PTO truck excavators are another example of why Vac-Tron Equipment is considered an innovation leader in the industrial vacuum market. Not only are all components driven from the engine of the truck, but this series also offers high cfm vacuum performance, with both hydro and air excavation capabilities.

In 2000, Vac-Tron Equipment was named the 13th fastest growing company in the country by Inc. magazine, growing by more than 7,000 percent. Vac-Tron was also named Industry of the Year and Business of the Year by The Lake Sentinel and Lake County Economic Development Council respectively in 2000. Founder Don Buckner was recognized as 2000 Florida Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young, in conjunction with NASDAQ, CNN and USA Today. Today, Vac-Tron is growing further by continuing to help industries and governments see the benefits of vacuum excavation in safety and productivity for projects.

Its success is attributable to Vac-Tron’s commitment to build strength, safety, durability and one-of-a-kind features into all of the company’s products, and then to back them up with integrity and service.

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