After fire destroys more than 2,900 homes in Santa Rosa, crews come in to restore gas to residents

More than 40 vacuum excavation crews are ready to get to work following the destructive Tubbs fire that leveled more than 2,900 homes in Santa Rosa, California, in early October.

The Tubbs fire, which started Oct. 8, was one of more than a dozen fires that broke out and were simultaneously burning in eight Northern California counties in what has been called the “Northern California firestorm.” As of Oct. 16, the fire was estimated to have burned 36,390 acres.

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Fire damage was estimated at $1.2 billion in Santa Rosa, with 5 percent of the city’s homes destroyed. Gas lines were damaged as well, leaving the entire town without gas service.

Following the fire, vacuum excavation crews were cutting every service line leading from homes that were burned. Those lines are then being capped. Vacuum excavation companies Discovery Hydrovac, Badger, Lonestar, Bti Environmental and Nor-Cal Pipeline Services were just some of the several dozen in the area Wednesday.

Investigators are still determining the cause of the fires. The extent of the damage can be seen in this 360-degree video from The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa.

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