A Creative Way to Advertise

Look beyond radio, TV and billboards to highlight what your business can do for customers.

Eye-catching, spectacular and attractive. Imagine if that is how people described your equipment as it sat at job sites.

Making your work vehicles grab attention can be tricky. It’s easy enough to put decals on pickup trucks and trailers, but directional drills and vacuum excavators are a different matter.
Mike Arme, owner of Underground Solutions Inc., featured this month, knows the value of wraps. All eight of his company’s air-excavation units are vinyl wrapped. The image is a crosscut showing the levels of the ground with different soils. The company’s email address and phone number appear prominently.

Arme says the impressive wraps are a big reason his company has grown over the last decade: people notice them and have followed his crews to hire them for jobs.

When it comes to marketing your business, there are benefits that only vehicle wraps can provide:

Positive ROI — Wraps are nice because you don’t have to pay anyone else for media time or space. You own or lease your own vehicle, so you only pay for the design and the installation fee.

Mobile message — It’s not a billboard that sits in one place. If you’re on the move, you’re canvassing the area where potential customers are — you reach them where they are instead of hoping they come to you. If you’re parked — even at the local restaurant — you’re still getting noticed.

Word-of-mouth — We all know the best way to market your business is to make a great impression on customers who then spread it around. A wrap gives you the same quality referral, but your customers don’t have to say anything. If you’re providing a service, your vehicles are parked there on site, showing that a customer trusts you to do work for them.

Brand enhancement — The more times someone sees your wrap, the more often they’ll be exposed to your brand. They’ll remember you and feel more comfortable trusting you.
If you’re concerned that you can’t afford wraps, this month’s Money Manager column will give you ideas on how to cut costs in other ways and what to look at when advertising. For example, asking your customers where they heard about you can help identify the most productive advertising channels.


When paging through this issue, you’ll notice a heavy emphasis on air excavation and hydroexcavation.

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I’d like to hear from vacuum excavation contractors: Have you handled jobs that were difficult or unique? You can share those stories in Dig Different. Email me at editor@digdifferent.com or call 800/257-7222.

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