Multi-Layer Lining Ensures Quality Pipe Rehab

Multi-Layer Lining Ensures Quality Pipe Rehab
The Perma-Lateral Scrim Liner from Perma-Liner Industries includes multiple layers to ensure quality.

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Scrim enforced pipe liner is a stretch-resistant lining material used with the No. 1 selling pipe lining system. The Perma-Lateral Scrim Liner includes multiple layers to ensure quality. The liner is made from a PVC lamination that includes a sealing layer, a flat and flexible strength layer of cross-hatched fibers (a stretch-resistant material), a flat and flexible support layer of felt base made from non-woven resin-impregnated material that overlies the strength layer, and a barrier layer that covers the support layer. 

The 3 mm end product is PVC coated with patented polyester scrim reinforcement, non-woven, needle-punched felt, stitched and taped-seamed liner. The lamination is rolled into a tube and inverted, and then it is inserted into the pipe. The barrier layer abuts the interior wall of the pipe, the support layer underlies the barrier layer, the strength layer underlies the support layer and the sealing layer underlies the strength layer. The innermost layer is the only one that comes in contact with material flowing through the pipe.

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