Recognizing the Contributions of Small Businesses Nationwide

National Small Business Week runs April 29 to May 5

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This week is the time to celebrate the small business. Every year since 1963, National Small Business Week has been held to recognize the contributions made by small businesses, which more than half of Americans either own or work for, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Certainly small businesses make up a significant portion of the excavation industry. To mark the occasion, we’ve compiled a few articles that can help you be successful with your small business. 

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Small Business Tips

Small businesses are oftentimes family-run operations. One problem with that — while the brain should drive business decisions, emotions and sentiment always come into play when it’s a family-owned business. Check out this story looking at how to best balance that family and business dynamic

Running a small business isn’t easy and you may have days where you think that it would be easier to simply shut things down and go work for someone else. If you’re finding yourself more frustrated than inspired these days, check out these tips on how to reignite your passion for operating your own small business

Even if your intention is to keep your company mostly small, some type of growth or expansion is oftentimes still a goal. In this article, contractors offer their advice on what to consider when attempting to grow a business.

Good leadership is imperative to running a successful business. Read more about what that means so that you can ensure you’re leading your business and employees, not just serving as a manager.

A hiring bonus isn’t exclusive to professional athletes or corporate CEOs. It’s a tactic small businesses can take advantage of as well to attract new talent. Check out these tips on how to go about effectively using bonuses in your employee recruitment efforts.


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