There are Many Benefits to Hiring Veterans

Bringing a veteran onboard your company can help improve the business overall and the surrounding employees

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There are countless good reasons to hire veterans at your company — starting with the simple fact that it’s the right thing to do. The men and women who enlist in our Armed Forces sacrifice much out of patriotic duty, and their readjustment to civilian life can present many challenges. One of the clearest ways to help them in this transition is to make sure they find gainful employment.

But hiring veterans isn’t just good for them; it can be good for you, too. Here are just a few of the benefits to hiring veterans at your place of business.

Veterans know what it means to have a mission

When it comes to mission-focused culture, there’s no organization in the world that tops the U.S. Military. Do you have a sense of purpose or a set of goals you’re looking to advance? Veterans will take that seriously and adopt your mission as their own.

Veterans excel at teamwork and collaboration

The “Army of One” slogan notwithstanding, the military is really a very team-oriented place. As any veteran will tell you, it’s vital to have trust and support within your unit. That’s why veterans tend to integrate well with workplace teams, and to understand the need for cooperation and shared purpose.

Veterans treat their responsibilities seriously

You don’t do well in the military by slacking off or by neglecting your duties. On the contrary, service in the Armed Forces tends to instill a deep sense of responsibility — and that’s something most veterans carry with them into the workplace.

Veterans don’t need a micromanager

Another skill the military imparts is working independently, without the need for hand-holding. If you’re looking for someone who can make decisions wisely, without needing to come to you for approval over every tiny thing, a veteran is a great bet.

Veterans thrive on structure

Are you looking for an employee who can help you maintain order and organization within your company? Someone who will take seriously the hierarchies and routines you have in place? Military life is all about structure, and it’s something veterans know well.

Veterans have government-funded education

Because the government provides veterans with access to higher education, you know that any vet you hire will have an easy time pursuing lifelong learning — making him or her an incredibly valuable and well-rounded employee.


There are obviously a lot of good reasons to hire someone with a military background — but how do you achieve some strong veteran hires? A few quick tips include:

  • Make certain you have well-defined job descriptions for each open position, ensuring that you find veterans who are well-suited for the particular job in question.
  • Also ensure that frontline managers are ready to harness those military skills and translate them into workplace success.
  • Invest in some good onboarding and training programs to ensure the transition is seamless.
  • Provide veteran hires with a clear sense of continuing education, training, and progress within your company. Let them see that they have a future with you!

With the right veteran hiring program, you can provide gainful employment for someone who’s served this country nobly — and, you can bring some incredible talent to your own team.


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