Cat Pumps Model 660 for Hydroexcavating

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Cat Pumps Model 660 for Hydroexcavating

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The high-pressure pump is critical to hydroexcavating, jetting and washdown equipment and must perform in a wide range of environments. That’s why operators working in the heat of Texas or the cold of Alberta rely on Cat Pumps to provide long-lasting, reliable products wherever they are used. Cat Pumps’ Model 660 has been the workhorse of the mobile high-pressure industry for years. With a performance rating of 10 gpm at 3,000 psi, the combination of high performance, compact footprint and proven longevity helps hydroexcavators dig through the most challenging jobs. The pump can be belt-driven with a clutch, providing the on-demand ability to engage or disengage the water flow, which reduces runtime, saving energy and increasing pump life. Or, with a bell housing, an SAE hydraulic motor can be conveniently mounted to drive the pump. When productivity and reliability matter, you can trust Cat Pumps to keep equipment running. 763-780-5440;


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