The grandson of APC Corporation’s founder is excited about future of the Massachusetts-based company

When Mike “Big Mike” Flaherty started Advanced Pollution Control (APC) Corporation in 1975, he probably had no idea his grandson would someday take the reins.

Two years after he started the company, based in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Big Mike’s son, Mike Flaherty III, started working there. He was given control before Big Mike passed away in 1996.

“I’ve been working for the company since I was just out of college in 1977,” says Mike Flaherty III. Now, he is training the next in the family business, his son Michael: “He started at the very bottom as a laborer and he’s progressed over the last three years.”

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Michael now serves as operator and does sales. Eventually, Mike III says, Michael will take over. “He’s been a great kid all his life. He’s 25 years old now and everything he’s done, he’s done well.”

Michael says it was natural for him to work for the company, having growing up around it. He knows some of the employees from when he in kindergarten. “After college, I knew that I wouldn’t like a cubicle job, so I figured I’d give APC a shot,” he says.

Even though he hasn’t taken over yet, Michael has some big goals for the company.

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“As the industry continues to change at a rapid pace, I am focused on making sure we control the things we can control, which is doing a good job every day for every customers,” he says. “Short term, I would like to see us grow some other areas of our business such as pipe cleaning, pipe re-lining, X-ray inspection and video inspection.”

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