HDD Tooling Solutions — A Trusted Partner Can Help

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HDD Tooling Solutions — A Trusted Partner Can Help

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Are you getting the best productivity from your horizontal directional drill every day?

Whether you prefer Vermeer rigs or something else, getting the most from your horizontal directional drill comes down to the tooling you use. From the drive chuck, sub saver and drill rods to the transmitter housing, drill bits, reamers, swivels and pullers, choosing the highest quality tooling available will help you maximize the performance of your machine and help reduce related issues.

With a multitude of tooling suppliers in the HDD industry and a variety of options available, it is certainly a time-consuming task for anyone to stay on top of it all. Your local Vermeer HDD tooling specialist can help. With an acute focus on tooling, these specialists will work with you to select the best tooling for the ground conditions, drill size and type, as well as other considerations. And Vermeer HDD tooling specialists can help with your tooling and accessory needs even if you’re running another brand of horizontal directional drills.

The role of HDD tooling specialists

From helping contractors determine the most efficient tooling for a challenging job, to bringing out replacement parts to the job site, Chad Banford, HDD tooling specialist for Vermeer Sales Southwest, is there to serve the needs of his customers. “Every day is something different when I climb into my tooling van,” Banford says. “I help contractors make sure they have the right tooling on hand, whether that’s back at the shop or on the job. I also can help answer questions and help them problem-solve job site issues.”

Banford primarily works around the Phoenix area, but calls on contractors throughout the southwestern United States. “I’m just a phone call away for any contractors in this region, and I can either arrange to have an order delivered by the closest Vermeer dealer location or schedule a time to drop it off myself,” Banford says. “I help with more than just fulfilling orders; I serve as an area consultant. When a contractor has a question about the ground conditions in a new area, needs tooling advice or just about anything else related to drilling, they call me. And, if I don’t know the answer, I will find out with the support of our drill specialists or the Vermeer BORESTORE HDD tooling and accessories warehouse team.”

In the field

Unlike a lot of other HDD tooling providers, most Vermeer tooling specialists’ offices are on four wheels. “I average more than 50,000 miles every year traveling around the region to meet with contractors,” says Robert Dalgleish, Vermeer HDD tooling specialist for Vermeer Canada. “To be a good resource means I have to be willing to come out to a job to deliver an order personally, help train someone on a new machine or offer advice. We will do whatever we can to keep crews working.” 

Whether driving a van or truck, the specialists also stock common drill bits used in the region, starter rods for most popular drill sizes, bolts, rod-wipers, transmitters, batteries, chargers and the list goes on. “Over the years, I’ve kept track of the most commonly requested products on job sites and make sure I have those items along with me,” Dalgleish says. 

Many Vermeer HDD tooling specialists carry more than just tooling for Vermeer directional drills, too. “Many of the crews I call on run competitive rigs but prefer the quality and price points of Vermeer tooling,” Banford says. “I carry several drill bit options with competitive hole patterns in my van. Those customers also like the convenience of our mobility; it helps them avoid having to make a trip to the dealership.”

Improving productivity

Vermeer HDD tooling specialists can also work with you to select tooling that will maximize the productivity of your horizontal directional drill. “I like to tell customers to think about tooling like they would golf clubs,” Dalgleish says. “A golfer could probably get by with a driver, 9-iron and putter in their bag, but carrying other clubs will make them a better player. It’s the same way contractors should think about tooling; a simple carbide tip drill bit works fine, but upgrading to a higher-performing drill bit, like a Vermeer Gladiator spear drill bit will give them better steering, help increase productivity and likely last longer.”

In addition to making tooling recommendations, tooling specialists can also help crews make little operational tweaks that can save time.

Fleet solutions

Another unique service that several Vermeer dealers offer customers through its HDD tooling specialists is consignment tooling cabinets. Just talk with your specialists about the number of drills you’re running and your most common tooling needs. From there, the specialist will deliver a fully stocked tooling cabinet to your facility and your crews can take what they need from it when they need it. The tooling specialist will track what gets used and replenish the inventory when needed. Consignment cabinets are a great option for contractors running more than five drill crews on a daily basis — you only get invoiced for the tools you use but have a supply on hand when you need something.

Here to help

Growing a business and managing all of the different tasks involved with running an HDD operation is time-consuming. That’s why it's important to identify experts that can help. And when it comes to tooling, you can count on and trust Vermeer HDD tooling specialists.

To find a Vermeer HDD tooling specialist in your area, contact your local Vermeer dealer.


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