Will AI Dig Its Way to the Top?

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In this video, @gabecerra1 on TikTok showcases the auto dig feature that is found in a lot of newer equipment these days. While the job continues to get easier, you can’t help but think, are we taking a step closer to no work? Will these machines eventually be able to run themselves? 

The involvement of artificial intelligence in excavation and heavy equipment is on a lot of minds lately. While full integration is still years away, there have been significant steps taken. AI has the ability to analyze large amounts of data, which means project managers can make smarter decisions. This streamlines the planning process and ensures better project efficiency.

One of the biggest advancements is the development of machines that can work with little to no human assistance. These smart machines are faster, more precise, and safer, which means reduced risks on job sites.

@gabebecerra1 New auto-dig feature is cool and all but sooner or later these machines will run themselves 😅 #fyp #construction #equipment #operator #loader #loadout #cat #catipillar #sand #rock #rockquarry ♬ original sound - Gabe


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