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First of all, happy 2018! What does that mean for you? It means your company has made it through another year with great success. Business has grown, income has increased and another busy year awaits.

That’s what everyone would like to be saying, right? And you can say that, too, with hard work and a smart business plan.

That’s what both contractors featured in this issue have in common. It wasn’t easy for either owner, but they made it through struggles to build thriving businesses that continue to see growth year after year.

Richard and Helena Chuapoco started Diversified Underground in 2000, with Richard doing the work on a Vermeer 7x11 directional drill. Today, the Colorado-based company employs 43 people and owns many pieces of equipment, including two larger directional drills. The company has increased its revenue every year since, and a new office and equipment storage facility are in the works.

Wayne Norman founded his company, Capital City Services, much the same way — as a small operation doing plumbing, drain cleaning, and heating and cooling. Over the next 40 years, though, Norman moved into hydroexcavation, thrust boring, pipe bursting and utility locating.

Norman didn’t plan to expand into any of those areas: It happened because opportunities arose, and he took advantage. That is how a strong business is developed.


When looking to make your company stronger, more often than not that includes adding new services, tools and people.

Adding to the staff can be one of the most complicated tasks an owner or manager can have. The prospective employee has to be reliable, able to do the assigned work, and able to work well with others.

The Smart Business feature in this issue presents ways an owner or manager can look for the right employee. January is always a good month to look at your company and see if you need additional help.

You might need to hire if you are adding tools and services. Directional drillers, for example, might be adding different drill bits to attack multiple ground conditions and become more valuable to clients.

The Tech Perspective this month looks at drill bits to consider when encountering rock. Manufacturers are coming out with new technology that could make rock drilling easier and more cost-effective.


With 12 months left until 2019, what are your plans for this year? I’d like to hear how your company plans to grow and your thoughts on where the industry is going. Email me at editor@digdifferent.com or call 800-257-7222.

Enjoy this issue!


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