The Latest Products - January 2020

1. Cat Pumps hydroexcavating pumps

For over 50 years, Cat Pumps has been manufacturing long-lasting and low-maintenance triplex pumps. With dedication to zero-defect manufacturing, ease of service and availability from stock, Cat Pumps designs and builds high-pressure pumps and systems to the highest quality standards for the hydroexcavation industry. Popular models include the Model 3560 with 25 gpm, 3,000 psi or 20 gpm, 4,000 psi; Model 3570 with 30 gpm, 3,000 psi; Model 660 with 10 gpm, 3,000 psi; and Model 56 with 5.5 gpm, 3,500 psi or 8 gpm, 2,500 psi. 763-780-5440;

2. Subsite Electronics UtiliGuard 2 locating system

The UtiliGuard 2 locating system from Subsite Electronics is a new multifrequency utility locator based on the UtiliGuard system. It uses automatic integrated data capture to provide information that can be used to prove or track performance, compare with benchmarks and provide actionable outcomes to help increase quality, reduce cable strikes and increase productivity. Available in standard and advanced models, an integrated GPS positioning improves accuracy and reporting. An all-new user interface features simplified graphics that are easier and quicker to interpret. It also offers a 5- or 12-watt transmitter that drives signals farther down large, direct-buried utilities. The system also provides both the horizontal and vertical distance to the utility to make accurate locates of obstructed utilities. 800-846-2713;

3. tinbin TC2 suction excavator attachment

The tinbin TC2 excavator attachment can dig without the use of water, eliminating issues related to slurry disposal. In addition, because of its dry excavation capabilities, the attachment can dump the spoils beside the hole, and the materials can be used later or taken away without disposal fees. The large, 10-inch-diameter suction tube can be rotated to disrupt material to aid in suction or turned off to expose utilities. A manual hose attachment can be used to reach around tree roots and cables. 905-928-6415;

4. Vermeer PD5 and PD5R pile drivers

The Vermeer PD5 and PD5R pile drivers combine efficient operation and accuracy into a compact, lightweight machine well suited for working on smaller solar installation projects, congested job sites, and civil fencing and guardrail installation applications. With a 15-foot mast that can remain fully assembled when transporting and aided by a 90-degree rotating platform, the design of pile drivers can help ease the setup and teardown process. With transportation weights of 10,350 pounds for the PD5 and 10,300 pounds for the PD5R, multiple units can be transported on a single trailer. Both machines can use an optional laser receiver or a compatible third-party GPS system to help improve productivity by better aligning the machine to the specified pile install location. 800-837-6337;

5. McElroy In-Ditch 1600 fusion machine

The In-Ditch 1600 large-diameter fusion machine from McElroy is designed for fusing pipe up to 65 inches in outside diameter in challenging, close-quarter working environments. It has a compact, two-jaw carriage and a top-loading heater and facer for added flexibility. The machine is capable of fusing onto as little as 15 inches of exposed pipe with minimal excavation required. Multiple lifting points, a carriage spreader bar and skidded carriage provide ease of mobility and fit within a small envelope. A roll cage helps protect the carriage and hydraulics as they are lowered into the ditch. 918-836-8611;

6. Custom Auger Systems horizontal boring auger kit

The hand-held horizontal boring kit from Custom Auger Systems combines horizontal auger boring with the power of heavy-duty electric drills to bore distances of 5 to 30 feet or more underground. It leaves minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape and is designed in sections so it can be used in tight spaces. An insulating drill chuck adapter helps protect the user from electric shock. The kit can be used for installation of PVC pipe under existing foundations or driveways, running gutter systems or irrigation lines under sidewalks, or shooting pipe under landscaping or other permanent installations. It requires only one person for operation and is less damaging to landscaping than sawing and trenching. 865-585-7861;

7. Vanair integrated separator tank

Vanair integrated separator tank features integrated manifolds containing a minimum pressure valve, thermo-valve, thermistors, transducers, pressure regulators, oil filter, ultrasonic oil level sensors and optional cold-weather oil heater. It also features SAE O-Ring and JIC connections, virtually eliminating leak points associated with conventional galvanized pipe fitting designs. The tank is shipped fully assembled and ready for final mounting, reducing installation time. It also features a redesigned coalescing element with 50% greater surface media, doubling the design life up to 6,000 hours. 800-526-8817; 

8. VMAC UNDERHOOD air compressor for 2019 models

VMAC released the UNDERHOOD 70 air compressor installation kit for 2019 Chevy and International trucks. It is now available for International 6.6-liter Duramax V8 diesel trucks on the CV 515 chassis, as well as GMC C4500 through C6500 6.6-liter Duramax V8 diesel trucks. The compressor kit is lightweight, saves space and delivers air power on demand in any climate. The UNDERHOOD 70 kits are ideal for operating small to medium-sized air tools like 1-inch impact wrenches, 60-pound jackhammers, backfill tampers, vertical/horizontal grinders and sanders. 800-738-8622;

9. Felling Trailers self-loading turret reel trailer

Felling Trailers’ self-loading turret reel trailer has a 360-degree, hydraulically operated rotating turret assembly that can lock into any position when the directional control valve is released. The turret’s self-loading feature eliminates the need to have extra equipment and operators on site to lift and load the reel as on a fixed reel trailer. The hydraulic payout/takeup assembly is a sealed gear-driven unit, so there are no chains or sprockets to break or wear out. The drive unit is smooth and quiet to operate and easily engages and disengages from the reel bar. It also has optional hydraulic braking capabilities. Hydraulic brake tensioning eliminates the heat generated by traditional caliper and rotor, reducing line gallop and allowing for a longer tensioning duration. 800-245-2809;

10. Ditch Witch JT24 directional drill

The JT24 directional drill from Ditch Witch is equipped with a 101 gross hp, Tier 4- and European Stage 5-compliant Cummins diesel engine. The unit offers 24,000 pounds of thrust and pullback while maintaining a small footprint on a wide range of urban and residential gas, fiber and other utility installations. A new hydraulic platform maximizes drilling efficiency and conserves horsepower downhole. It holds up to 400 feet of drill pipe on board, allowing for longer bores. 800-654-6481;


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