Product Spotlight - January 2020

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Pipe plugs are useful tools for sewer maintenance crews. They are designed to accommodate emergency pipe plugging, pipeline construction and pipe rehabilitation, and they are versatile, as even the largest-diameter plugs can be deflated down for insertion and for plugging through a hot tap. Multi-Flex 114 and 115 Series medium-duty plugs from Petersen Products are designed with a compact diameter, allowing them to inflate up to eight times their deflated size for easy insertion. Most sizes afford easy placement by one person while their flexibility allows the plugs to navigate through small hot taps or branch pipe and into a large pipeline before then inflating with air or water. According to Phil Lundman, Petersen CEO, the medium-duty plugs are more versatile than other similar-style pipe plugs.

“Not only are they resistant to oil damage, but they also have a greater deflate-to-inflate diameter ratio, which gives them more flexibility to get around corners,” he says. “The synthetic materials used to construct these plugs also give them a greater temperature and chemical resistance than previous models.”  

The plug’s small deflated diameter allows less storage area and reduces the man-hours required for pipe plugging application. Petersen supplies bigger plugs for large-diameter pipelines with high backpressure requirements. The 114 and 115 Series, though, were designed for medium-duty applications. Custom configurations are also available for chemical pressure or size requirements.

“We’ve offered pipe plugs for a long time, but they are a product we are continually evolving and making improvements on,” Lundman says. “They are very specialized and have multiple capabilities in the industry. Those who use them can’t live without them.”

According to Lundman, contractors employing the 114 and 115 Series in the field are encouraged by the results, especially with how maneuverable they are in the pipe. “They are easier to use than previous pipe plug models, and because they can go around bends and be maneuvered easier within the pipe, it makes them a better fit for use in confined spaces,” he says. “Because they take up so little space, they cost much less to haul and store. That adds up to significant savings over time.”


Multi-Flex 114 and 115 Series from Petersen Products


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