Product Spotlight - April 2020

Product Spotlight - April 2020

Hydraulic selector valve from APSCO.

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In an industry that relies so much on equipment and machinery to get the job done, quality parts and components are invaluable. It’s easy to overlook how small components can make a big difference when aiming to improve productivity in an excavation business. The overall reliability of your equipment is directly related to the quality of the working parts within, and dependable equipment keeps your business efficient in the field.

APSCO believes its new hydraulic selector valve is one of those quality components that can be used to increase equipment efficiency. In response to clients asking for a better, cleaner and simpler selector valve, the company developed the APSV-100 to fit a wide range of applications in the excavation industry.

“APSCO has always been an industry leader in the air control market,” says Joel Trane, ASPCO’s West regional sales manager. “We feel what separates us the most on the APSV-100 is a high-quality manufactured valve with APSCO air controls.”

The ASPV-100 is a three-way, two-position selector valve that allows flow from one pump to one of two hydraulic circuits, depending on the valve’s positioning. Its versatility permits manual shift or pneumatically actuated operation from a truck’s cab. “It is designed for directing flow to two different hydraulic circuits,” Trane says.

The valve is designed so when flow enters the inlet port and the actuator is pushed in, flow is directed to the work port farthest away. When the actuator is pulled out, the spool shifts, allowing inlet flow to reach the port closest to the actuator.

The ASPV-100 is engineered to keep out dust and debris, with a ductile cast iron body and no exposed moving parts. It uses a chrome-plated spool and Buna-N rubber seals to create a tight closure to help maximize its life span. The valve is capable of handling flows up to 60 gpm with a maximum working pressure up to 4,000 psi. It uses a two-bolt mounting system that allows any position mounting, increasing its versatility.

“One of the most common applications is a dump truck pulling a pup trailer. This is one of the many mobile applications when this valve can be utilized,” Trane says. “All of the customers who have used it have been very pleased with the fit and function of the valve.” 918-622-5600;


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