Product Spotlight - September 2020

There are only so many ways to move water. But Hydra-Flex has developed a new one, at least in respect to the hydroexcavation nozzle market. It’s the Machete.

By moving water in an oscillating motion, combined with a smaller spray angle, the Machete’s direct stream provides a more forceful flow and impact. The nozzle provides the cutting power and penetration of a straight tip and the movement of a rotating tip. Whether it’s trenching or cutting through compact soils, the Machete acts as a finishing tool for any job. By creating a crisp, straight edge while not undermining itself, the Machete provides a safer top surface environment.

“The concept of using an oscillating motion isn’t a new idea, but it’s the first time it’s been applied to a hydroexcavation nozzle,” says Mike Tonies, director of sales for Hydra-Flex. “We consider this the next evolution in hydroexcavating nozzles.”

The Machete blasts a 0-degree water stream that oscillates at an optimal speed, creating a 15-degree wedge of powerful flow. This allows it to dig faster in the hardest and most compact soil types. By harnessing the power of a straight-tip nozzle while oscillating, it creates a suitable tool for trenching capabilities. This heavy-duty, high-impact nozzle is constructed of a stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide wear surface. Lab-validated to outlast other Hydra-Flex nozzles, the Machete can withstand harsh environments and provides a longer run than ceramic nozzles. It also comes with a replaceable nylon cover that allows for instant changeability while increasing the overall core nozzles’ life cycle.

The unique oscillation design of the nozzle helps reduce undermining that may occur when using traditional rotating nozzles; this helps ensure the operator’s safety. Continued use of the nonconductive cover on the nozzle body protects users and sensitive underground utilities. With a controlled oscillation that is faster than traditional nozzles, it allows the technician to save even more water.

“A lot of the hydroexcavation guys we work with are excited about the Machete,” Tonies says. “A few who used it during our testing phase noted it moved differently than any nozzle they’ve ever used. Once they got used to it, though, they loved it.”



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