Product Focus - January 2021

Product Focus - January 2021

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National Vacuum Equipment Challenger 1600

The Challenger 1600 high-vacuum blower from National Vacuum Equipment is a 1,600 cfm tri-lobe blower designed for continuous duty at maximum vacuum. It employs uniquely designed rotors to significantly improve vacuum efficiency and reduce mechanical noise. The blower has a ballast air-cooling design and will work continuously in maximum vacuum (typically 27 inches Hg). 800-253-5500;

Centrifugal Pump

Pentair V2 Series

The V2 Series grinder from Pentair is designed with computational fluid dynamics software and has a volute and impeller design that allows shut-off heads up to 185 feet with a single-stage centrifugal pump. This design gives operators the flexibility to change between the standard, high-head and high-flow design by swapping the impeller and cutter plate, simplifying maintenance and reducing service parts inventory for low-pressure sewage system projects. It is available with an optional quick-disconnect cord for easier servicing in the field, double-row bearings to absorb axial and radial loads and an oil-filled motor for cooler operating temperatures and longer life. 855-274-8948;

Dewatering/Bypass Pumps

BBA Pumps BA150E Trailer Pump Package

The 6-inch BA150E Trailer Pump Package from BBA Pumps is a dewatering pump that provides a capacity up to 2,090 gpm. Due to the large solid passage of 3.15 inches, combined with a grinding wear plate, the pump is also suitable for sewer bypass projects. The completely galvanized trailer is equipped with a large composite fuel tank. The lifting device also serves as a protective cover for pump and engine. The height of the pintle hitch can be adjusted, and the trailer is fitted with all the necessary safety provisions. 843-849-3676;

Thompson Pump and Mfg. 6RW

6RW rotary wellpoint pumps from Thompson Pump and Mfg. are designed for wellpoint and sock dewatering, and are suitable to keep air and water moving thanks to their constant suction. With unassisted priming and automatic re-priming, the pump offers high air handling and large water volume capabilities up to 1,400 gpm and heads up to 80 feet; operating speeds up to 2,000 rpm; and a low hp engine for better fuel efficiency — an EPA Final Tier 4 Isuzu engine, with diesel oxidation catalyst after treatment. The pumps also come in 8-inch (8RW) and 12-inch (12R) versions. 800-767-7310;

Solids/Sludge Pumps

Boerger BLUEline

The BLUEline rotary lobe pump from Boerger is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump used to convey viscous and abrasive materials. There are 21 pump models in six series with pulsation-free operation, fully reversible rotation, dry-run capabilities and flow rates up to 7,500 gpm. The pumps are stable and wear resistant with a maintenance-in-place design that allows for all wetted parts to be easily replaced through the front cover without removing the pipe or drive systems. 612-435-7300;

Gorman-Rupp SludgeKat

The SludgeKat hydraulic-driven, positive displacement sludge pump from Gorman-Rupp is designed to handle applications involving heavy sludges and slurries. It has 4-inch suction and discharge ports and is capable of flows up to 226 gpm and heads up to 390 feet TDH. Depending on the product being pumped, it can pass up to 2.4-inch-diameter solids without damaging or clogging the pump. Units are equipped with the latest in Tier IV diesel engine-driven technology. Each comes standard with a Department of Transportation–approved wheel kit. The pump end frame can be detached from the unit and when connected to optional 150-foot hoses, provides increased portability around the job site. It is suitable for clarifying pits, wastewater treatment, oil and gas drilling, mud pump applications, environmental cleanup, and a variety of other heavy-duty municipal, industrial and construction applications. 419-755-1011;

Submersible Pump

Hydra-Tech Pumps S3CSL

The S3CSL submersible 3-inch hydraulic-driven sand slurry pump from Hydra-Tech Pumps includes a built-in agitator used for stirring up solids. It has hardened alloy wear parts and is designed to be used in applications where settled solids must be put into suspension and pumped away with the discharge water. Primary applications include desilting ponds, lakes and streams; other uses include filling sandbags to prevent beach erosion, cleaning tanks and digesters, or pumping sediment from caissons. It requires hydraulic inputs of up to 10 gpm at 3,000 psi, and when combined with HT11 to HT20 open and sound-attenuated power units, it is capable of output flows to 450 gpm. 570-645-3779;

Transfer Pump

ScreencO Systems Patz Shaft Drive Pumps

Patz Shaft Drive Pumps, distributed by ScreencO Systems, are vertical pit pumps that can be used in aboveground or underground storage tanks and include choices of single- or three-phase electric motors. They have high solids and grit capacities with large centrifugal pumps and hardened steel impellers. High capacities include the 3333 series up to 500 gpm and the 4444 series up to 1,580 gpm. They can be deployed in depths from 3 feet to 12 feet 8 inches. The 6000 and 8000 series have a three-point hitch with PTO drive and can offer up to 3,500 gpm at depths from 6 to 12 feet. They can be used with an agitator nozzle to mix and pump fast. The 616 vertical prop agitator is capable of mixing at 9,000 gpm, keeping grit and solids mixed at pit depths of 6 to 16 feet. 208-790-8770;

Vacuum Pumps

Fruitland 870 Series

Fruitland’s 870 Series pump allows high vacuum levels of 28.5 inches Hg and continuous vacuum of 27 inches Hg. Additionally, it is capable of providing 30 psi pressure for offloading. The oil consumed during pump operation is minimal, with only 1 gallon of oil for 18 hours of operation, which provides greater cost savings and reduces environmental impact. Fruitland is less restrictive on the type of oil used in all its vacuum pumps, allowing customers to buy locally available, nonproprietary oil. The pump delivers 510 cfm (free air) through 4-inch porting. 905-662-6552;

Guzzler Liquid Ring

The Guzzler Liquid Ring has a powerful and efficient industrial vacuum system designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials — from solids and dry bulk powders to liquids, slurries and thick sludge — while providing the additional capability of reclaiming hydrocarbons. The filtration system keeps the pump operating liquid clean, resulting in a longer pump life. It can operate effectively in remote or inaccessible locations more than 1,000 feet away, through suction lines up to 8 inches in diameter. Its design makes it virtually maintenance free and allows for quiet operation. 815-672-3171;

Presvac Systems PV750

The Presvac Systems PV750 rotary vane pump is designed for continuous full-vacuum operation in extreme conditions. It offers 400 cfm at free air, 350 cfm at 15 inches Hg, a maximum vacuum of 27 inches Hg and maximum pressure of 35 psi. Dual fans and twin-ballast ports efficiently cool the pump. The solid housing with deep cooling ribs allows for greater heat transfer from the vacuum chamber. Aluminum fans and shrouding work like a heat exchanger to aid in heat reduction. Multiple manifold and drive options are available for truck, trailer or stationary applications. 800-387-7763;

Wallenstein Vacuum 753 Series

The 753 Series vacuum pump from Wallenstein Vacuum incorporates extra-wide vanes that allow up to an inch of wear, designed for longer service life. It provides 422 cfm airflow at 1,200 rpm and is precision-machined to provide vacuum levels up to 28 inches Hg. Options include air, liquid or dual cooling systems where air injection is combined with liquid cooling. A pump-flushing port is included on the top valve for convenient maintenance. The quick-access housing end plate allows for easy internal inspection with no bearings to pull. Oil lubrication is via a mechanical piston pump driven by shaft rotation or available with a sight-feed valve oil regulator system using vacuum/pressure to draw oil with no moving parts. 800-801-6663;

Washdown Pump

Moro USA washdown/fill pumps

Washdown/fill pumps from Moro USA are manufactured with durability in mind. This is done by crafting the pumps with stainless-steel impellers, a cast iron or stainless steel housing, and by using an epoxy-coated washdown motor. These pumps also come integrated with a cooling fan to keep the pump running smoothly under all conditions. That not only prevents rusting and overheating, but also keeps the pump intact during freezing. 866-383-6304;

Pump Parts/Components

Dynablast HV420F-12VRED

The Dynablast HV420F-12VRED hydrovac water heater produces 420,000 Btu with an output temperature of 175 degrees F at 5 gpm, making it suitable for colder climates and improved digging in clay-filled areas. All models come with ETL certification for safety, which also includes certification on the coil for higher efficiency and heat transfer, a stainless steel target plate for increased coil life and a design with serviceability in mind with momentary override control. A 19-by-19-inch footprint makes it suitable for compact installations. 905-867-4642; 


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