Product Focus - April 2021

Product Focus - April 2021

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Air Excavation

RAMVAC AX Air Excavator

The AX Air Excavator from RAMVAC Vacuum Excavators by Sewer Equipment is mounted on a non-CDL chassis for operator efficiency. This truck series comes standard with a single-engine design with 12-volt electrical controls and manual hand valves for ease of use and maintenance while offering onboard water for the ability to excavate with both air and water. With payload capacities from 5,000 to 12,000 pounds, the hydraulic rear door allows operators to dump spoils quickly and easily. The blower can be customized to achieve the results needed in any applications, with capacities of 18 or 27 inches Hg, 1,400 or 3,000 cfm, and hose diameters of 4 or 6 inches. All water systems are contained within a single heated enclosure for cold-weather applications while also offering ample tool storage. 888-477-7638;

Hydroexcavation Equipment

Dynablast HV690F-12V

The Dynablast HV690F-12V hydrovac water heater produces 690,000 Btus with an output temperature of 175 degrees F at 10 gpm, and with a wet steam option, to work in colder climates and for improved digging in clay-filled areas. It comes with ETL certification for safety, which also includes certification on the coil for higher efficiency and heat transfer, stainless steel target plate for increased coil life, and serviceability in mind with momentary override control. 905-867-4642;

Easy-Kleen Pressure Systems Wildcat Heaters

Wildcat Heaters high-pressure, oil-fired hot-water/steam heaters and hydraulic pump systems from Easy-Kleen Pressure Systems are designed for reliability and efficiency and are installation-ready for vacuum trucks and hydroexcavators. A full range of heater options includes dry steam, redundancy packages, Schedule 80 and 160 stainless steel or A53 boiler pipe, fine-tuned temperature and flow-control systems. All coils are manufactured in-house, with CRN boiler-approved coils now available. Heaters can be designed for mounting in a cabinet or supplied as a completed cabinet unit. They are CSA and ETL approved. Hydraulic pumping systems are available. 800-315-5533;

Enz USA HydroX nozzle

The HydroX nozzle from Enz USA is available in 3/8-inch NPT or 1/2-inch connecting threads, and it can function at up to 5,000 psi with flow as low as 8 gpm. It combines a powerful, oscillating water jet with the high removal rate of debris. A tungsten carbide front jet ensures a longer life than ceramic jets can offer. For quick and easy maintenance, a repair kit is available. Due to the nozzle’s simplicity, repairs can be made quickly and efficiently in the field with little downtime. For the operator’s safety, a plastic cover provides protection against harsh and sensitive environments. 888-369-8721;

GapVax HV33

Designed to safely transport water and debris in urban areas, the GapVax HV33 is shorter, smaller and more compact than its predecessor. It is 30 feet long overall on a medium-duty chassis and includes a 600-gallon water tank, 6-cubic-yard debris body, 6- or 8-inch top-mounted telescoping boom with a 14- to 17.5-foot reach, 4,000 cfm power and an inverted, full-opening tailgate. 888-442-7829;

HotJet USA Vac ’n Jet Series

The HotJet USA Vac ’n Jet Series of vacuum trailer jetters are rugged and compact; are engineered to haul equipment and spoils loads; and can clean valve boxes and storm drains, and hydroexcavate and/or clean drainlines and sewer lines. They offer hot- and/or cold-water operation with a choice of engine options ranging from 13 to 66 hp and gas or diesel operation. They are equipped with premium triplex pumps, a 500-gallon spoils tank, 200-gallon water tank, Gardner Denver vac/blowers, 4-ton hydraulic dump and centriclean filter system. They can also be custom engineered and designed to meet specifications. 800-624-8186;

Imperial Industries Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator

The Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator from Imperial Industries offers compact power and versatility, with capabilities that include digging trenches to locating fiber optic cables and clearing debris. It provides direct applications for septic hauling, utilities maintenance and emergency response situations. It can be operated by one person. Units are available in code and noncode. 800-558-2945;

Kaiser Premier TerraVac

The TerraVac hydroexcavation trailer from Kaiser Premier packs the power of the CV Series Hydrovac truck in a compact footprint. Equipped with an 800-gallon debris tank and 400-gallon freshwater capacity, it is engineered for most common applications. It measures 21 feet long and 8 feet 6 inches wide and just 8 feet 8 inches tall. The debris body is lined with a welded stainless steel floor insert for long-term durability. A bolt-on deflector plate can be quickly replaced during maintenance. Operating power is supplied by a 49 hp diesel engine. It easily cuts through soil and clay with up to 4,000 psi of pressure at 4.5 gpm. The blower is rated for 960 cfm of suction, capable of 15 inches Hg vacuum with 5 psi positive pressure. It has a 30-foot suction hose. The digging tool is a 6-foot dig lance. Also included are 4- and 6-foot suction extensions and a 36-inch wash gun. 970-542-1975;

Presvac Systems Hydrovac

The Presvac Systems Hydrovac is designed for versatility and cold-weather operation with optional full compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation specifications for collection or transportation of hazardous materials. The high-vacuum blower allows extraction of all types of soils, gravel, rock, clay, water and silt material, with knockout features in the debris tank minimizing carryover. Modular filtration configured to blower size provides blower protection and minimal maintenance, according to the maker. It comes with a heavy-duty, 8-inch boom that extends up to 25 feet with six-way hydraulic power and wireless controls for all boom functions, a soft-start water pump, vacuum breaker and truck engine speed. 800-387-7763;

Rival Hydrovac T7 Tandem

The T7 Tandem hydrovac from Rival Hydrovac was designed primarily to be loaded with debris and driven within legislated road limits with most types of debris on board. The unit comes standard with a scale that reads real-time weights both in the cab and on the wireless remote to confirm weights prior to travel. It is operator friendly, and the operating system is engaged through one PTO switch. The remainder of the operation occurs from the rear panel or the wireless remote. 403-550-7997;

Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool

The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool fits any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescoping 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power through truck controls. It has a 6-foot Tuff Tube with handles to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six boring outward bring the tube down. 949-363-1401;

Super Products Mud Dog

The Mud Dog vacuum excavator from Super Products provides a safe and efficient alternative to traditional digging. It is designed for operator convenience and consistent performance even in the harshest environments. Units come standard as hydroexcavators with an optional air excavation package, which allows an operator to always choose the best application, water or air, for the job. It is available with 12- or 16-yard debris capacity and has a 1,500- to 2,000-gallon water tank capacity. Each model comes standard with tilt-ejection unloading, and a rear-mounted boom that reaches 27 feet, has 335-degree rotation and can move in a 45-degree upward and 25-degree downward pivot. This allows for versatility within dig areas so that units do not need to be constantly readjusted into position. 800-837-9711;

Tornado Global Hydrovacs F4 ECOLITE

The F4 ECOLITE from Tornado Global Hydrovacs has a 12-cubic-yard mud tank and holds 1,550 gallons of freshwater. The unit is more than 7,000 pounds lighter than the company’s older models and offers more than double the payload. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and 26-foot reach. The smaller F3 ECOLITE is a 10-cubic-yard, 1,250-gallon tandem-axle unit that more than doubles older payload capacities. It features an 8-inch boom and 3,800 cfm blower.877-340-8141;

Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV38

The Transway Systems Terra-Vex HV38 has a 12-yard debris tank with onboard scales for efficient hauling and offloading, complete with a 26-foot-by-8-inch telescoping boom. It has a one-touch-operated hydraulic half-door with a 3,800 cfm at 27 inches Hg hydraulically driven blower. Water pressure is achieved with a hydraulically driven triplex pump, delivering 10 gpm at 3,600 psi from a 1,000-gallon HDPE baffled water tank. The water is heated with a 420,000 Btu diesel-fired burner for cold-weather operation. 800-263-4508;

TRUVAC by Vactor Paradigm

Designed for utility, municipal and contractor customers involved in the installation, maintenance and repair of underground water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications lines, the Paradigm subcompact vacuum excavator from TRUVAC by Vactor can dig holes with water or air; vacuum, contain and dispose of drill mud; power pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical tools; and provide transport and storage of replacement parts, equipment and tools. The truck’s Park-n-Dig design minimizes time between job site arrival and excavation, including the ability to dig up to 6 feet without additional pipe and hose. The air compressor powers utility tools such as jackhammers and tampers. The truck offers tool storage space, including a long-handle toolbox. The truck can tow up to 20,000 pounds. 800-627-3171;

Vac-Con X-Cavator

The X-Cavator hydrovac from Vac-Con includes a cold-weather enclosure for the water systems and control panel, as well as an interior area for operator seating and workspace. Unit filtration is based off of the Titan combination machine, with a single cyclone design and final cartridge-style filter. The redesigned boom is lightweight and flexible, rotating 310 degrees around the unit and moving plus 45 degrees and negative 22 degrees vertically. The durable rubber hose material can withstand harsh environments, according to the maker, and has a reach of 26 feet. 904-284-4200;

Vacall AllExcavate

AllExcavate models from Vacall efficiently remove dirt around utility lines, as well as foundations where mass excavation is not practical. Water pumps generate 24.5 to 120 gpm and pressures to 3,000 psi. The water system, wand, control panel, tools and worker apparel are protected in a heated compartment. Its standard AllSmartFlow CAN bus intelligent control system has a programmable LCD display that monitors engine, water-flow and vacuum performance, allowing for precise boom and reel adjustments. Aluminum water tanks carry 1,000 to 1,300 gallons. Options include a remote control high-dump system that raises the debris tank 76 inches and then slides it back 21 inches for dumping into roll-off containers. 800-382-8302;

Vermeer MV Solutions Mini-Combo

Mini-Combo vacuum excavators from Vermeer MV Solutions deliver a versatile combination of components and options that facilitate hydro jetting and excavation work in a single machine. They are available in three models — the 573 SDT, 873 SDT and 1273 SDT — that range from a 300- to 400-gallon water tank capacity and 500 to 1,200 gallons in waste tank capacity. All three models are engineered with a pump rated at 1,500 psi at 15 gpm and a powertrain featuring a 74 hp engine. This powerful engine and pump combination enables these machines to clean lateral lines up to 12 inches in diameter and 300 feet in length. They can be outfitted with a mechanically operated strong arm or hydraulic boom. 352-728-2222;

Portable Barricades/Fencing

Oxford Plastics Systems StrongFence 

Oxford Plastics Systems’ StrongFence provides safe access for pedestrians through roadway and construction areas. The barricade system is stable and sturdy in any weather conditions. The heavy-duty, plastic base is ADA compliant and nonconductive. Plastic mesh and anti-climb top sections may be added to reach a height of 6.5 feet. Sections interlock to prevent tampering. The fence bases and top sections stack for easy transport and handling. 800-567-9182;

Skid Steers/Attachments

Ditch Witch Stand-On Skid Steer Certified Training

With the Ditch Witch Certified Training modules for stand-on skid steers, operators can access a free, in-depth and interactive training option to stay up-to-date on industry best practices. Designed for operator convenience, the modules can be delivered both online and in-person. The module provides hands-on lessons on a variety of site and equipment preparation needs, like proper personal protective gear, operational insights, attachment capabilities and job site safety. The modules also provide training in safely operating a variety of attachments, including bucket attachments, plows, pallet forks, trenchers and augers. They are available at no cost by visiting the website and registering for a free MyDitchWitch account. In-person training is available at dealership locations. 800-654-6481; 


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