Product Spotlight - August 2021

Product Spotlight - August 2021

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Tracked fusion machines are often the choice for job sites fusing long pipelines. Self-propelled via rubber crawler tracks, these vehicles are designed to traverse rough terrain and steep grades, offering ease of maneuverability and freedom of movement. 

McElroy recently released the TracStar iSeries, a platform for a new family of fusion machines that maintain the original TracStar’s rugged, self-contained tracked vehicle while adding technology for an improved user experience. Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and control systems have all been improved and integrated to meet job site demands with intelligent communication capabilities with the operator and within the machine. 

“The iSeries is an evolution inspired by the feedback we have received from those on the front lines of fusion and implements the latest technology to create a superior user experience,” says Geoff Koch, McElroy vice president of product development. “We believe this will move the fusible pipe industry forward in the water, mining and natural gas distribution sectors and all of the markets we serve that are seeking a long-term and reliable infrastructure solution.”  

The TracStar iSeries is powered by the FusionGuide Control System that offers three levels of control from operator-controlled to completely automatic, machine-controlled operations. These were implemented to reduce the most common user errors and to make the fusion experience more productive. The DataLogger 7 is completely integrated with the iSeries and the enhanced guided workflow takes the operator deeper into the fusion process than ever before while ensuring that each fusion joint is recorded and complies with the fusion standard.

The TracStar 630i, 900i and 1200i cover three pipe size ranges from 8 to 48 inches, and all are equipped with a quiet engine that meets US Tier 4 and EU Stage V environmental regulations while providing greater torque. The system pressure was raised to more than 3,000 psi for more powerful ground drive, pipe lifts and other functions that use higher levels of pressure. 

Hydraulic hard tubing replaces many of the hydraulic hoses, giving it a cleaner finish and approach to the unit while defined start/end points offer easier assembly and rebuilds. An improved cowling design gives the operator the ability to fuse a tee without removing the carriage from the vehicle. Updated safety features include a redesigned indexer with embedded sensors for collision avoidance to protect the heater, facer, jaws and carriage. 



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