Success Stories - September/October 2021

Success Stories - September/October 2021

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Versatile unit tackles narrow streets and narrower timelines


The narrow streets of Philadelphia pose numerous construction challenges for the city’s contractors. And the city’s consistent repair schedule of underground utility lines provides plenty of street repair work for contractors who have the equipment to keep up.


Holding a contract with the City of Philadelphia, Verizon and a local electrical company, concrete contractor DePaul Brothers rises to the challenge of rebuilding streets after utility restorations on a daily basis, using their Mecalac North America 9MWR excavator to quickly access sites and navigate around the city. “We can take the MWR where other machines can’t fit,” says Anthony DePaul, equipment manager. “When we arrive on site, we’re able to excavate our way in with the skid-steer bucket, spin inside our footprint, turn around and dump it inside a dump truck. We couldn’t do that with a traditional bucket excavator.”

RESULT Thanks to the 9MWR’s versatility, the DePaul Brothers crew is able to finish excavation, switch to a jaw bucket to remove pieces of curb if needed, grade their way back out and quickly complete reconstruction before moving on to the next job. “It replaces three machines on the job,” says DePaul. “You’d need a forklift out there to handle the curb and pallets, it replaces the skid-steer for digging out the roadway and it serves as an excavator as well. It’s the versatility of having one machine on one job versus three.” 508-921-3076; 


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