Dig These New Products at The Utility Expo 2021

The Utility Expo (formerly known as The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition) is the premier event for utility professionals and construction contractors to gain comprehensive insight into the latest technologies, innovations and trends affecting their industry. This year’s event, slated for Sept. 28-30 in Louisville, Kentucky, promises to show off some of the finest new products on the construction market. Below is a preview of some of the newest products that will be highlighted at this year’s show.

Dig These New Products at The Utility Expo 2021

Bald Eagle Pellet wood pellets

Bald Eagle Pellet absorption/solidification pellets are ideal to absorb and solidify wet hydroexcavation slurry and wet HDD cuttings. Adding absorption pellets to wet hydroexcavation slurry and HDD spoils/cuttings allows you to dispose of costly wet waste as a cheaper dry-solid waste. It allows you to store and stack it on site without painfully slow drying ponds. Since it will be dry stackable dirt and not a fluid waste, it eliminates the threat of runoff or overflowing drying ponds leaching into waterways. With a little agitation, the absorption pellets activate on contact, allowing waste material to absorb and solidify quickly while you work. It can then be left on site as top cover or transported off site as a solid waste. 

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814-684-3600; www.baldeaglepellet.com; Booth A1320

Boss Industries MechanX 250 

The MechanX 250 from Boss Industries is a 23 hp two-stage, two-cylinder portable gas compressor/generator/welder/charger/jumpstarter. It is a multifunction gas piston 23 cfm (delivered), 250-amp welder and 5.0 kW generator that is suitable for the entry-level mechanic and contractor industry. It includes a KOHLER ECH730 V-twin engine, 11-gallon CARB-compliant fuel tank, automatic engine idle for fuel economy and long service life, atmospheric unloading system to help reduce fuel consumption, remote engine oil drain extension, simple belt tensioning, a 1/2-inch shut-off valve, stainless steel reed valves, heavy-duty steel belt guard base, heavy-duty two-stage pump with cast iron cylinder, an ASME safety relief valve, IP23 rating, and an intake filter with silencer and replaceable element. It is available in a base-mount version (with no air tank). 

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800-635-6587; www.bossair.com; Booth E1117a

DPL Telematics AssetView 

GPS tracking system

The portable AssetView series from DPL Telematics is the industry’s smallest battery-powered GPS tracking solution for wireless monitoring of any asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The innovative, self-contained GPS tracking solution installs in seconds, requires no external power and can last years using off-the-shelf batteries. Its Adaptive Tracking delivers long battery life while alerting on curfew violation, movement or geofence breach, as well as allowing the user to switch to Recovery Mode over the air. It is waterproof and has no long-term contract so customers can deactivate and reactivate without penalty. Features include no external wiring or antenna; wireless two-way communication; little to no sky view requirement, so it can be hidden almost anywhere; an IP 67 rating and UV-stabilized design; compact and portable construction; global cellular coverage; and an LTE future-proof network. 

800-897-8093; www.dpttel.com; Booth A1306

GapVax HV56

The HV56 hydrovac from GapVax has a 15-cubic-yard debris body, 400- to 1,200-gallon water tank options and a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 5,300 cfm with 28 inches Hg. Its design prolongs the life of the filter bags and eliminates the costly threat of material entering the vacuum pump. Optional equipment includes a cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, patented auger unloading system, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, washdown system and a stainless steel body. 

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888-442-7829; www.gapvax.com; Booth E1319

Infinity Tool PDC bits and reamers 

PDC bits and reamers from Infinity Tool offer increased penetration rates for faster project completion; less stress on the rig, and lower torque and less vibration on the rods; no moving parts for increased reliability; clean holes with consistent size; and a repairable design. Bits are available from 1 7/8 to 18 inches, with reamers from 6 to 48 inches. Both products will be on display in the company’s booth. 

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618-439-4042; www.infinitytoolmfg.com; Booth N2654

Kaiser Premier hydroexcavators and recyclers

Kaiser Premier is a manu-facturer of hydroexcavators and recycler technology. The company’s product portfolio consists of truck- and trailer-mounted hydroexca­vators in the CV Series, UrbanX and TerraVac hydroexcavator lines. It also manufactures AquaStar and EcoCycler combination recyclers. The company is part of the KAISER AG group, which have been supplying the global marketplace with proven and reliable recycling technology for over 35 years.  

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970-542-1975; www.kaiserpremier.com; Booth N2247

Kondex Drill Defender cobble bits

Kondex has expanded its Drill Defender HDD product line to include laser-clad cobble bits. Laser cladding offers a longer-lasting wear coating than hard face welding that fully protects all leading edges. For carbide cobble bits, the laser cladding seat belts the carbide for added protection and extended use. Laser cladding is a metallurgically bonded wear-prevention additive that includes a high density and even distribution of tungsten carbides for superior durability and extended product life.  

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800-447-1860; www.kondexparts.com; Booth N1447

Rival Hydrovac air system

Rival Hydrovac has introduced an optional air system on both the T10 and T7 models. This allows for the operation of air tools and for performing air excavating when required. Rival has not sacrificed any of the original hydro features on these units. If air is not needed for excavation purposes, they offer additional hydraulic ports to run hydraulic-powered tooling as another solution. The company recently delivered its first unit with an integrated core drill system.

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 403-550-7997; www.rivalhydrovac.com; Booth N2662

Sonetics wireless headsets 

Sonetics wireless headsets protect hearing and let crews of two to 20 communicate hands-free at the same time. With listen-through technology, users can also toggle the right amount of outside sound for a boost of awareness and safety. Users can connect a two-way radio or Bluetooth device for even more options. 

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800-833-4558; www.soneticscorp.com; Booth N1301

TRUVAC vacuum excavator trucks

TRUVAC vacuum exca-vator trucks are designed specifically to meet the critical need for locating and verifying underground utility lines and pipes and safe-digging require-ments in the U.S. and Canada. Focused on quality non-destructive digging and safety for underground infrastructure and the men and women who operate vacuum excavation trucks, the product line features the versatile Paradigm subcompact vacuum excavator, the compact and powerful Prodigy with overwhelming productivity, and the HXX series of full-sized machines designed to tackle the biggest digging projects. 

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800-627-3171; www.truvac.com; Booth N1214

TT Technologies Grundodrill 5X

The Grundodrill 5X directional drill unit from TT Technologies has a Tier 4F, 56 hp Kohler engine, a single pushbutton stake down system and independent front and rear lift. An all-weather 7-inch touchscreen display delivers real-time bore data and operational performance. The unit offers 11,000 pounds of thrust and pullback and 1,200 foot pounds of torque. 

800-533-2078; www.tttechnologies.com; Booth K108

TuffRod HDD Drill Pipe

TuffRod, a manufacturer of horizontal directional drill pipe, specializes in the one-piece upset forged rod manu-facturing process. The company specs out the complete metallurgical composition of their pipe and uses only the finest quality materials. Every joint produced is subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures beginning at the point of material selection and continuing through final inspection. Processes such as upsetting, machining, heat treating and several others are inspected and documented by certified operators and reviewed by the company’s quality control department. One-piece forged pipe is available for Vermeer, Ditch Witch and other manufacturer's drills.

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 844-586-9354; www.tuffrod.com; Booth N1952

Underground Magnetics Mag 9 HDD locating system

The Mag 9 HDD Locating System from Underground Magnetics offers the same powerful transmitters the Mag 8 offered but with a new larger color display and an advanced operating system. It includes a color display, sub-kilohertz transmitters, money-saving long-life rechargeable transmitter batteries and built-in bore logging. 

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515-505-0960; www.umaghdd.com; Booth E1028

Underground Tools Rock Trenching 

Chain and Plates

Underground Tools manufactures heavy-duty rock trenching chains for all makes and models of trenchers, from pedestrian units up to the largest maxi track trenchers. They specialize in large pitch K-Style Chains and custom base plates for the most severe appli-cations. UTI chain is manufactured with alloy steel and updated design features to provide additional durability and longer wear life. 

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866-488-3478; www.undergroundtools.com; Booth N2455


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