Product Spotlight - January 2022

Product Spotlight - January 2022

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Horizontal directional drilling crews are charged with being able to bore through just about any ground condition. However, when they encounter rock, the job is a bit more difficult. That makes picking the proper tool critical for a successful project. The Shark PDC Reamer from Infinity Tool offers the durability to cut through that rock, with replaceable cutters available to keep the unit on the job.

The reamer was born out of a simple concept – to enable a rapid change of cutters onsite, minimizing downtime. Bottom line, there is no more sending reamers in for repair or buying a new unit. The tech simply needs to fit a new segment to be back up and running in minutes.

“This is the only PDC reamer design that allows a change of cutters on-site,” says Keith Jackson, international sales director for Infinity Tool. “Each cutting segment can be changed with hand tools, minimizing downtime. Additionally, each cutter segment has the same design, no matter which position on the blade or what size of reamer.”

Additionally, the Shark PDC Reamer also is designed to produce a symmetrical hole with reduced chatter. Every segment has the same design no matter which position on the reamer blade, and no matter what size of reamer. According to Jackson, it fills a large hole in the HDD industry.

“The Shark will mainly be used in HDD drilling applications in the utility construction sector, where pilot holes have to be enlarged through ground conditions varying from sand to limestone,” he says. “The reamer is also used in vertical construction applications.”

Replaceable cutter segments are supplied in kit form with everything needed to replace a segment in the field with hand tools. Shark PDC Reamers are available in sizes from 14 to 48 inches. According to Jackson, they offer increased penetration rates for up to five times faster project completion than conventional methods, with reaming up to 12 inches of extra diameter in a single pass. They also cause less stress on the drill rig, as there is lower torque required and less vibration on the rods.

“The product is a good fit as it massively reduces downtime,” says Jackson. “Our customers can fit a new cutting segment and be back up and running in minutes.” 



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