Product Spotlight: System offers auxiliary power on Ford Transit work trucks

Product Spotlight: System offers auxiliary power on Ford Transit work trucks

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The Ford Transit is a stalwart of the commercial work truck industry. The versatile units are easily customizable, with thousands of add-ons and options available to make the vehicles in essence rolling, portable workshops for construction contractors.

The Revolt from Boss Industries takes advantage of all the things a contractor may like about the Transit, now allowing them to produce auxiliary power in stationary mode for contractors to perform the work they need to do. There are no batteries or additional engines to maintain. Simply park the work truck and engage the power switch like with any other PTO type of application, and the crew can be off to work with 6.0 kW of AC power available when they need it.

“The Revolt Power System for the Ford Transit is the only power solution for the Transit market that does not rely on any additional batteries,” says Chuck Hamilton, director of marketing/military sales at Boss Industries. “It is a flexible power solution ideal for service trucks, construction service, utility service vehicles, food trucks, telecom/fiber optics, film set vehicles including satellite news gathering, military applications, promotional vehicles and sewer camera inspection vehicles.”

This system consists of a custom-built alternator powered through a high-performance invertor and then distributed through the Revolt’s exclusive three-phase power panel. The power distribution panel consists of a 20-amp/240-volt twist connection, a 30-amp/120-volt twist connection and a 20-amp/115-volt outlet. Other configurations are available. Since the system mounts on the undercarriage of the Transit, it takes up no cargo space. It offers an ease of integration and operation, and flexible power output, with no additional batteries or engines required, making it ideal to be used with power equipment. The system is available with optional piston or rotary screw air compressors offering up to 30 cfm.

According to Hamilton, the Revolt System has been in development for more than five years and has been used by many industries in Europe.

“With the constant fluctuation in the battery-powered vehicle market and the life span of the batteries, a convenient, consistent alternative power source is the ideal solution for the utility and work truck industry,” he says. “The feedback on the system has been nothing but outstanding, and we are excited for the future on how far we can take the Revolt into other markets as well!” 


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