Digging for a Cause

Canadian Hydrovac’s hot-pink hydroexcavator being used to fight breast cancer
Digging for a Cause

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Canadian Hydrovac's 50th truck ordered is a bright pink color with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation logo also on it. The company says a portion of the money brought in with the use of this truck will be donated to the foundation for cancer research. (Photo courtesy of Canadian Hydrovac)

It will be difficult to miss Canadian Hydrovac’s newest hydroexcavator as it sits on job sites and travels around the company’s work area.

With the arrival of the company’s 50th truck ordered, employees were wowed as they saw the color of the machine — bright pink with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation logo placed on it.

“It all started about six months ago when I came up with the idea,” says Dan Shemanchuk, one of the owners of the company. “We knew our 50th unit was coming and we thought we should do something special, like a theme truck. Something where we could give back to the community.”

The idea of raising money for the breast cancer foundation came up quickly because Shemanchuk’s mother is a breast cancer survivor. “It was something that was close to my heart and something that would be good for the community and our company and for awareness of breast cancer.”


Sherwood Park, Alberta-based Canadian Hydrovac’s newest addition is also Tornado’s newest model of truck. It’s a newly designed F3 Curved model that holds 12 cubic yards of mud and more than 1,700 gallons of freshwater. The unit is over 2,000 pounds lighter than older models.

“We have had issues with overweight, so a lot of the jobs we used to be on we dumped on site and now a lot of the clients would like us to remove it from site, so we have dump sites around the city,” Shemanchuk says. “You could only haul about half a load in the old trucks. They were built to work on site and stay on site. Now we’re traveling more in the city and working on the road with the utility work. It’s still a large truck, but they’ve done some things to make it lighter.”

The boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 26-foot reach. All of the critical components are housed in an insulated and heated aluminum van body.


After deciding what kind of theme Canadian Hydrovac wanted to go with for its newest machine, Shemanchuk made contact with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to work out all the details and get permission to use its logo and pink color on the truck.

“Now we’ll just add a percent on the client’s bills that will go toward the foundation whenever this truck is used and we’ll issue the foundation a check each quarter,” Shemanchuk says. “Everyone was very excited and thrilled when the truck arrived at the shop.”

Since the truck arrived, it has been a busy machine, already getting on job sites the first week and the response has only grown.

“We have a big client that we do pipeline work for and they emailed us a day after we got it,” Shemanchuk says. “They saw it on Facebook and thought it was an awesome thing for the community. They emailed it to a lot of their colleagues and are excited to see it on their job sites. We’ve had other companies calling us with requests to get that truck at their site and social media has been big with people asking us how to request the truck.”


The company, with 65 employees, started operations 5 1/2 years ago in central Alberta and has recently opened a new office in Toronto. Shemanchuk has heard from employees in Toronto saying a pink truck there would get put to good use also.

“We thought about ordering more than one initially, but thought it would be more special with just one truck like it,” Shemanchuk says. “Now we might have to rethink that for the crews in Toronto.”

Shemanchuk is welcoming all the attention the company is receiving with the truck.

“It’s a little overwhelming and more than what we thought it would be, but it’s going to a great cause,” Shemanchuk says. “We’re excited to see what it can do for the breast cancer foundation.”


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