Know Your Network of Resources

Having the contact information for manufacturer and local dealerships can provide help when dealing with maintenance
Know Your Network of Resources

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Many factors contribute to getting the most productivity and longest use from a trencher and chain, including knowing how to contact the product manufacturer, as well as having a network of other available resources that can help ensure optimal performance of the equipment.

When faced with a question not covered in an operator’s manual, contact names should be easily accessible for on-the-spot concerns or problems with the equipment. The best list for the fastest answers will include both the manufacturer and local dealer contact names, numbers and/or emails. This list is also a good idea to have for new owners when they need more information on changing oil, filters, etc., as part of understanding what’s needed for regular maintenance of the machinery beyond what’s found in the manual.

At Ditch Witch, they’ve anticipated just this sort of thing and offer uptime kits for equipment owners. The kits help make scheduled maintenance easier by containing Ditch Witch parts and maintenance necessities for equipment and contain air, fuel, oil, hydraulic filters, spark plugs and other genuine Ditch Witch parts designed for each model. The kits are recommended for equipment once they reach guidelines for hours of use, and companies can contact their local dealer for more information on getting an uptime kit for their equipment.

As important as it is to know your manual and the specs for your model, establishing a network of contacts not only serves as place to go when you have questions, but also offers a place to provide answers to other equipment owners. Through this type of exchange, additional tips and suggestions can also help extend the life of trenchers and chains, which offers an additional benefit by enhancing your equipment knowledge base, ROI and bottom line.

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