Product News: September 2017

Some of the latest products from the industry
Product News: September 2017
Hi-Vac Aquatech Jumbo Combo jet/vac unit

Hi-Vac Aquatech Jumbo Combo jet/vac unit

Hi-Vac Corporation’s Aquatech Jumbo Combo features a 5,250 cfm, 27-inch Hg blower and is suited for large-diamater pipe cleaning jobs. The water pump is available in large-capacity 120 to 150 gpm and the unit also features boilerplate steel debris tanks, poly graphite water tanks and a horizontal transfer case drive. 800/752-2400;

StraightLine HDD RockEye hammer system

The Armadrillco transmitter housing has been adapted to the RockEye Hammer System from StraightLine HDD. The side-load housing technology gives users easy access to electronics, larger capacity fluid and air passages and improved durability. The Arma-Loc system is a field-proven design that gives quick access to electronics by removing a single pin. Free from threads, the Arma-Loc system virtually eliminates problems associated with damages or over-torqued bolts, as well as vibration-induced lid failure. A urethane and O-ring system is designed to seal and protect the sonde cavity from fluid and debris infiltration. The system also forms a cushioned platform that shields electronics from vibration and heat produced by a hammer working in harsh environments. 800/654-3484;

StoneAge Tools AutoPacks

AutoPacks from StoneAge Tools are avaiable for the ABX-3L and ABX-2L triple- and dual-lance tube cleaning systems. The self-contained automated equipment kits contain all the components and accessories needed to perform fully automated heat exchanger cleaning. Features include customized storage inserts to allow for quick visual inventory management and a job box to protect equipment, simplify transport and minimize setup time. 970/259-2869;

Water Cannon skid-style pressure washer

The v-belt drive skid-style hot water pressure washer from Water Cannon is powered by a Kohler diesel engine and has customizable psi ratings from 3,200 to 4,000, and power from 4 to 8 gpm. It is self-contained with dual 15-gallon poly diesel fuel tanks, a 12-volt battery start and a 45 amp charging system, so no external power is required. It has a stainless steel coil wrap, burner hood and Beckett burners, and a control panel, adjustable thermostat and safety pressure release valve controls. Accessories included are a gun/wand assembly, 50-foot high-pressure hose, Maxi-Flo 20-percent chemical injector, four color-coded spray nozzles and a color-coded chemical nozzle. An optional wheel kit is offered for portability. 800/333-9274;


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