Product News: October 2017

Product News: October 2017
Vactor next-generation HXX vacuum excavator

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McLaughlin EC075 and VX75 vacuum excavators

EC075 and VX75 mid-range vacuum excavators from McLaughlin answer the demand from the underground utility market for a compact vacuum excavation system with a 5-inch boom option that focuses on performance and fuel efficiency. A 74-hp Duetz Final Tier 4 diesel engine powers a 1,200 high-cfm vacuum blower and the 8.0 gpm water pump is capable of 3,000 psi operating pressure. The larger boom pulls more material and reduces clogging to enhance job site production. The ECO75-500 can be mounted on a single-axle 26,000 GVW truck without the need for a commercial driver’s license. The trailer-mounted VX75 features a twin-axle and heavy-duty I-beam construction that is compact and can be pulled by a 1-ton truck. 800/435-9340;

Vactor next-generation HXX vacuum excavator

Vactor Manufacturing’s new HXX vacuum excavator maximizes legal payload and improves operational efficiency. The placement of the debris body and water tank on the chassis ensures equal distribution of the payload on the axles, regardless of how much water is in the tanks. A new PrecisionFlow water pump system features a single-piston design that is capable of higher flow and pressures than a triplex water pump system for production and reliability. The vacuum system is rated at 6,200 cfm and 28-inch Hg, and the water pump system is rated at 30 gpm and 3,000 psig. Water tank capacity is 1,200 gallons and the debris tank has a 16-cubic-yard capacity. 800/627-3171;

Felling Trailers Turret Reel Trailer

The FT-10 R Turret Reel Trailer from Felling Trailers has a 360-degree rotating turret assembly, so virtually no right-of-way or easement will prohibit the operation. To activate, pull to the side of the road, disengage the level-actuated locking pin and rotate the reel to the direction needed. The turret can lock into any position in 15-degree increments. The optional 16-inch bronze tensioning brake controls the overspin of the reel and provides tension as the material is being pulled off of the trailer. The brake assembly has an infinitely adjustable manual brake caliper and up to 50,000 pounds of torque. 888/335-5464;

Cat Pumps plunger pump Model 67070

The Model 67070 high-pressure plunger pump from Cat Pumps is ideal for sewer jetting and hydroexcavating market applications requiring high-flow performance at higher pressures and intermittent duty operation. It is rated for 50 gpm at 2,000 psi. The drive-end of the pump is built from the 60-frame mechanical drive, and oversized, premium crankshaft bearings offer high loading capacity and prolong bearing life. The crankcase crosshead area is concentric with a 360-degree plunger rod support that features a drilled-through oil port to lubricate the front side of the crosshead area. 763/780-5440;

Vantage Trailers double wall trailer

The Vantage Vertical Panel Smooth Side (VPSS) double-wall end-dump trailer from Vantage Trailers is available in widths of 76, 85, 91, 96 and 102 inches. The aluminum trailers come in different designs and can be custom built, including frameless, frame-type or quarter-frame. The standard smooth-side model consists of a single sheet, top rail and center rib. 800/826-8245;


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