The Latest Products: May 2018

Here's a look at some of the latest products in the industry

The Latest Products: May 2018

The Super Products Camel Maxxx 1200 sewer cleaner offers 1,500-gallon water and 12-yard debris capacity and a large 7-inch display at the front control panel.

Super Products Camel Maxxx 1200 sewer cleaner
The Super Products Camel Maxxx 1200 sewer cleaner offers 1,500-gallon water and 12-yard debris capacity and a large 7-inch display at the front control panel. It utilizes a heavy-duty transfer case with a hot shift blower control at the front operator’s station, eliminating trips back inside the cab to turn the vacuum pump on and off. An extreme transfer case and hydraulic cooling system allow for continuous work without the fear of overheating. The front-mounted hose reel extends 18 inches and is capable of 270-degree rotation, including when fully retracted, and is lockable in any position. 800-837-9711;

Felling Trailers EZ Tilt Technology
Felling Trailers EZ Tilt Technology allows for ground-level loading with its rotating torsion suspension, providing a 5-degree load angle. The low load angle makes it possible to load and unload low-clearance equipment such as floor sweepers, scissor lifts and rollers. The EZ Tilt has an 18.5-foot deck length, including a 3.5-foot approach plate at the rear of the deck. The electric/hydraulic lift system, with corded remote and 12-volt battery in a lockable enclosure, gives the operator the ability to load and deliver two scissor lifts at a time. 800-245-2809;

Baldwin Filters EnduraPanel air filters
EnduraPanel air filter technology from Baldwin Filters combines high-efficiency and maximum capacity in a rugged, compact design that is 50 percent smaller than conventional air filters. The filters can withstand extended periods of vibration and high temperatures without rips, tears or other structural failures. They provide effective protection for heavy-duty equipment throughout the entire service interval. The proprietary horizontal pleat formation allows the media to be solidly embedded into the end cap, reducing the number of possible leak paths. A high-strength injection-molded frame and expanded metal support provide superior strength to prevent structural failure or media pack collapse. 800-822-5394;

MB Crusher’s Drum Cutters Line
MB Crusher offers a line of drum cutters with a direct drive twin-motor system that allows for the differential distribution of power to the two rotary cutting heads. The MB-R drum cutter line can handle job sites where standard excavation systems are under-powered and hammer systems are ineffective. They are compact, powerful tools that can be attached to a range of heavy machinery. The cutters are manufactured to increase stability and reduce stress on the machine arm. Power comes from the hydraulic system of the machine it is attached to. MB’s drum cutters have a hydraulic control system that automatically manages calibration and hydraulic cooling during operations. There are several different models to choose from, depending on the operating weight of the machinery. 855-622-7874;


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