Which Drill Rod is Right for You?

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Which Drill Rod is Right for You?

There is nothing more essential to your HDD drilling project than making sure you’re using the correct drill rod for what the project requires. Below is a chart to help you choose which Vermeer drill rod is right for you and your project:

Generally, this means utilizing a drill rod with the strength, stability and flexibility to perform the bore at hand. In addition, you want a drill rod that matches your budget in order to help maximize margins.

Introducing the Silver Series drill rod, Firestick drill rod’s new sidekick. Tough enough to withstand 135,000 psi (930.8 MPa) and the same column wall thickness, but for a lower cost. The Silver Series drill rod will help make smaller, less aggressive projects just as successful, while being conscious of your budget.

To learn more about Vermeer drill rods, and the drill that's right for you, visit Borestore.com/DrillRods


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