Need Advice About HDD Tooling?

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Need Advice About HDD Tooling?

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If you want to get the most productivity from your horizontal directional drill, it is crucial that you’re using the appropriate tooling for your ground conditions. However, with all of the variety of transmitter housing, drill bits and reamers available, it can be difficult to decide which options will give you the most productivity on today’s bore, and which will continue to perform well on future jobs. 

You’ll be happy to know that sound advice is just a phone call away, and the person on the other end of the phone is likely a familiar voice — your local Vermeer sales representative.

What makes your local rep qualified to talk tooling?

First, Vermeer dealers go to great lengths to train their team to ensure their sales representatives have all the information when you have questions about anything in the Vermeer product lineup. From training at the dealership and participating in Vermeer Corporate events, to spending time in the field talking with HDD crews, Vermeer sales representatives work to understand area ground conditions and can help recommend an appropriate drill head, bits and reamers for whatever product you’re installing.

Next, your sales representative has access to a knowledgeable team that can help answer your questions. Scott Gabor with Vermeer Southeast tells his customers that he’s their go-to guy with every question. “If they need something I don’t know the answer to, all I have to do is pull in one of our trenchless specialists,” he explains. “From consulting customers on how to tackle a challenging job to providing on-site support, our team is ready to help. And if we need to, we can always pull in a Vermeer tooling expert. It’s a team effort to ensure our customers get exactly what they need.” 

Helping you get the tools you need

Gabor says that with every new machine, customers receive an overview of the different types of drill rods, transmission housing, bits and reamers that Vermeer offers. “For anyone who has ever used Vermeer premium housing before, I think that’s one of the most important topics we talk about right away.The housing’s dual water ports deliver more fluid flow and help reduce the chance of plugging — a common issue with other housing options.”

Your sales representative can also talk you through the different connection options you should consider using with your drill. While low-profile connections can be more common among tooling providers, the Vermeer QuickFire connection system can significantly reduce the time it takes for your crew to make a connection.

“I spend a lot of time asking questions so I can help a customer dial in the most productive tooling portfolio for the geographical area where they will be working,” explains Gabor. "From there, we can make recommendations to help them maximize productivity on every job. Also, we want to make sure that whatever tooling a contractor selects is versatile so it can be used in a variety of conditions.” 

Customization options

If you’ve spent any time going through the Vermeer BORESTORE HDD tooling and accessories warehouse catalog or product listings on the website, then you know there are many options to choose from. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t come a day when you need something special, perhaps a one-of-a-kind reamer. Your Vermeer sales representative can help you design the perfect tool for your needs and will coordinate with the Vermeer team in Pella, Iowa, to get it built quickly. Your representative can also help you get your existing Vermeer tooling rebuilt back to manufacturer specifications. 

Not just tooling

In addition to tooling support, you likely have questions about fluid mixing for ground conditions you haven’t worked in before. Gabor says it’s a question he receives regularly. “I spend a lot of time talking with drilling crews and always keep notes about what I’ve learned from them. So, when I get a question about what type of mud mixture a crew should be using, I can typically help. And, when I’m not sure, I’ll refer them to one of our drill specialists for the answer. It’s what they are here for.” 

What about the competition?

While it's certainly true that your Vermeer sales representative is a bit biased, that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t keep up-to-date on the competition. “Sometimes crews have questions about what other manufacturers offer for tooling; I get it,” Gabor says. “Above anything else, I want to be there to support them so they are successful, and that means being able to give them honest feedback about the products we offer, as well as insights into what the competition is selling. It makes me a better resource.” 

More than sales

Just because your local Vermeer representatives have “sales” in their titles doesn’t mean they are just there to sell you something. Sales are part of their job but, more important, they are here to make sure you have the equipment, tooling and knowledge you need to be successful. 


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