The Latest Products: January 2021

Here's a look at some of the latest products in the industry

The Latest Products: January 2021

Landoll Corporation’s Models 855 and 860 construction series detachable trailers have a drop-side trailer option that features a 5-inch lowered track area and a raised center.

Landoll construction series detachable trailers
Landoll Corporation’s Models 855 and 860 construction series detachable trailers have a drop-side trailer option that features a 5-inch lowered track area and a raised center. This specialty option helps when hauling tall excavators, cranes or vehicles that must obtain the very lowest deck height possible. The outer track area is 14.37 inches from the ground with a 6-inch ground clearance when fully loaded. The track area is raised, wood-covered with 2-inch Apitong and is 24 inches wide into the main frame. The outside measurement of the main frame is 54 inches wide. 800-428-5655;

CUES QZ3 Advanced portable inspection camera
The QZ3 Advanced lightweight, portable, HD wireless video inspection pole camera from CUES can be operated by one person using any tablet. The camera is designed to provide safe viewing in industrial or environmental areas with no man entry. The QZ3 can also be used to locate lateral services or to identify blockages at manholes, access ports or other entry points without entering the line or structure. Added features over the basic model include motorized height and tilt, and laser distance measurements. The camera is mounted on a lightweight, telescopic carbon fiber pole that can extend up to 24 feet. An optional 34-foot pole is available. The 1080p camera features a 360-to-1 zoom with built-in image stabilization, automatic focus and distance-to-defect measurement. Self-contained waterproof Multiple Aspheric Projection lighting, including six LED spotlights, works in pairs and focuses at different lengths to provide enhanced, detailed viewing of cracks, breaks, pipe separations, scale and various defect conditions. The QZ3 Advanced also includes two diffused flood LED lights for evenly-lit manhole inspections. 800-327-7791;

Vermeer replaceable wing PDC hole opener
The replaceable wing PDC hole opener from Vermeer’s ground-up design joins the ever-growing line of rock-focused tooling from Vermeer, targeting consolidated rock formations less than 25,000 psi. From a single 2.875-inch API box by box body, contractors can interchange wing sets for cutting diameters of 8, 10 and 12 inches. With the ability to change sizes, users can maximize their investment in the single body. In the event of needing pushback during reaming, rotary backout cutters have been welded to the backside of each wing. 800-837-6337;

Leica Geosystems iCON field software version 6.0
Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has a new field software for the construction industry, the iCON version 6.0. It is designed to meet the needs of general contractors, concrete contractors, MEP and HVAC trades, and BIM/VDC departments, with simple, trustworthy and easy-to-implement technology that enables the verification of built parts in a building construction project. Version 6.0 provides the following improvements: integration of Leica Nova MS60 scan workflows into iCON field software; grid scan functionality from motorized iCON sensors (iCR70/80/80S, iCT30, and MS60); and in-field verification of point cloud data (MS60) and single-point measurements (iCT, iCR, iCB, MS60), versus elevations, surfaces and design model objects. 770-326-9500;


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