Never Too Early For a Young Business to Start Planning For Expansion

King Drilling isn’t experiencing significant growth yet, but its owner is still carefully thinking about strategies so that the company is fully ready when the time is right

Never Too Early For a Young Business to Start Planning For Expansion

Chris King, owner of King Drilling in London, Ontario

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Like many young companies, King Drilling in London, Ontario, is looking to grow. But owner Chris King isn’t in a hurry about it. He wants to do it right.

“We are a medium-sized HDD company. Some are bigger, some smaller, and we’d like to grow. Growth would be great. But I’m not unhappy with where we are right now,” he says. 

The 6-year-old company currently operates within a self-circumscribed area of Canada — southwest Ontario — with occasional forays into neighboring areas. However, it is not in a holding pattern because King is afraid of the change that comes with growth. He’s just carefully planning for it. King regularly meets with a business development consultant. They huddle weekly to mull strategies for expanding the company. King acknowledges that such concentration on strategy might be unusual for the executive of a still fairly new company.

“It’s a little different. I think that for owners of companies our size, I am something of an anomaly to be working on a plan and a goal like this. But I know that a lot of people get to a certain size, reach a certain amount of revenue, and get complacent.” 

As business gurus have preached for a long time, complacent business leadership frequently leads to stale ideas and a lack of innovation. Such an organization easily slips into the doldrums where individual and company performance falters and begins to erode reputation and revenue.

That is not likely to happen to King Drilling. By temperament, King is uncomfortable with coasting. That became evident to him long before he launched his company.

“I always was ambitious,” he says. “I wanted to know the feeling of growth in my work and I reached a point where I wanted more of that feeling. One idea I had was to buy an excavator and become an independent operator, but I realized that was a limited answer.”

But he saw an opportunity for HDD services in his area and seized it. After King launched his company, he quickly experienced success across southwest Ontario. It was a good feeling — and King and his business development consultant are preparing to build on it.

Read more about King Drilling in the April 2021 issue of Dig Different magazine.  


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