Editor's Blog: How Do You Recognize Your Employees?

Employee of the Month, other awards show workers you appreciate what they do for your company

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Whether you are a large company with hundreds of employees or a small company with just one or two employees, there will be times when your workers do something you want to praise.

But how do you do that? What kind of rewards do you offer to your employees if they go above and beyond — or if you just want to thank them for doing their job?

Many companies will do an Employee of the Month program where an employee is rewarded for a job well-done. Don’t stop there, however. Give them a prize to go along with that honor. Maybe you can present them a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a gift card to a local shop or even an extra day off for the month.

Little prizes like that will show your appreciation and make the worker want to perform better on the job.

One company that has done a great job recognizing its employees — and publicizing it — is Ted Berry Company of Livermore, Maine. Company president Matt Timberlake will often post a photo to his Twitter account of the company’s current Employee of the Month.

Timberlake won’t stop there though. He’ll also recognize employees when they do something special or noteworthy. The company was featured on the cover of the March/April issue of Dig Different and after seeing the cover, Timberlake made a plaque for Paul Pomerleau, the worker on the cover.

Are you asking yourself why you should do this? The reasons are simple: more production out of your crews, a happier workforce and less turnover when it comes to employees. All of that will make your job a lot easier, too.

Here are some easy ways you can thank your employees:

  • Publicize achievements — One of the best ways to recognize employees is to spread the word about noteworthy individual and team accomplishments in meetings, companywide emails, newsletters and the company’s social media sites.
  • Say it — There is no better way to inspire employees than by offering your sincere gratitude for their efforts. But don’t give praise just for the sake of giving praise. Your attempts at employee recognition will backfire if an employee doesn’t consider your words heartfelt.
  • Celebrate milestones — Your employees’ lives are full of big moments, both inside and outside of work. Taking time to acknowledge and celebrate them can go a long way. Milestones can include birthdays, work anniversaries, marriages, birth of children, work accomplishments, industry awards and graduations/certifications.
  • Reward them — It doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe a $5 Starbucks gift card or a T-shirt or water bottle with the company logo on it. Just a way to say thank you for a job well-done.

It doesn’t take much effort to say thank you to your employees and show them that they are valuable to the company. Give it a try.

What does your company do to thank its employees?


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