Conduit, Pipe Installation/Repair, Fiber Blowing

Conduit, Pipe Installation/Repair, Fiber Blowing
Pipe bursting system saves time and money

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Internal joint seal used to stop potable water leak

Problem: Due to a leaky pipe, a major metropolitan city was losing 12,000 gallons of treated, drinkable water every single day. A fix was needed, and fast.

Solution: Miller Pipeline was called in by the city to rectify the problem using its WEKO-SEAL internal joint seal. “Dewatering the pipe to make repairs was not an option. The demand was too high,” says Ryan Cooper, WEKO-SEAL specialist. Whatever the fix was, it had to be installed underwater and under pressure. Cooper spent time training divers on how to properly install the seal and monitored the divers’ activity via CCTV on land. Over the hole in the pipe, divers layered 6-inch, 18-gauge stainless steel backing plates to provide strength underneath where the WEKO-SEAL would be applied. Then, they took two double-wide seals and staggered them over the hole, providing maximum protection against future leaks.

RESULT: The fix was made in a fraction of the time that shutting services down would have taken and with immediate results. “It was beautiful: You could watch the geyser go down in a matter of minutes,” Cooper says. 800-428-3742;

Pipe bursting system saves time and money

Problem: A customer called LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing in Mission, Kansas, with drainage problems. Upon arrival, LBA found a slab-on-grade residence with deteriorating cast-iron pipe and no accessible window. They were looking at having to wet cut the concrete floors to replace the customer’s seriously deteriorated trunk line.

Solution: Using video of the Spartan Tool UnderTaker’s bursting head breaking open clay and cast-iron pipe as the head is passing through, LBA was able to show the customer how trenchless pipe replacement works. That video helped LBA sell a lateral replacement to the customer. LBA was able to access the pipe from outside of the house and use the UnderTaker to reverse the pull and replace the line.

RESULT: LBA saved the customer the trauma, cost, and mess associated with cutting 60 feet of concrete flooring. A conventional repair could have meant a loss of service for the customer and one to two nights in a hotel, plus the large cost associated with the concrete restoration. Using the UnderTaker, the job was completed more quickly than a conventional repair, and the customer saved the cost of repairing the concrete floor. 800-435-3866;


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